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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! I've come to appreciate it more and more, every time I think about it.

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Hey, all. Longtime lurker here, finally commenting.

I wanted to like Future so much. But...I just...can't. It's too much. All of Steven's emotional anguish and mess-ups, it's just too exhausting to watch. I wanted so much more. It doesn't help that I have the artbooks, so I know about all the episodes that were planned but never made [plus the fact that the page with the timeline in the third artbook has the Diamond origins blanked out is going to frustrate me forever]. I wanted a Stevonnie episode, not just a cameo, a Lapis-Peridot episode, an episode about how Rose met and healed Lion, an episode about Lars and the Off-Colours going back to space, a two-parter [or even four-parter] about Rhodonite and Morganite, a two parter [or four parter] about the Diamond origins, and a final video tape from Rose, asking Steven for forgiveness. But the fact that we won't get those episodes now, and that we'll never find out what was in the treasure chest that was teased from Season 1, is frustrating and sad.
I'm rewatching season 1 at the moment, and I was amazed at how much I was enjoying myself, laughing and smiling. I was really worried that I wouldn't after watching Future, but I can safely say that Steven Universe is still my favourite show of all time [well, plus Avatar].

Also, totally off topic here, but I do hope that Mark reads Dogsbody soon, because it's not only one of my favourite Diana Wynne Jones books, it's one of my favourites of all time.
[V guvax vg zvtug oernx Znex n ovg.] Any Diana Wynne Jones enthusiasts agree or disagree with me?

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Are you going to watch Steven Universe Future, Mark?
Or maybe the better question is...when?

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I tried to post here before, but my posts disappeared as soon as I reloaded the page.

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Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, and Neil Gaiman form an unholy trinity for me when it comes to books; they're my favourite authors by far.


Mark Maybe Reads:

The Merlin Conspiracy [sequel to Deep Secret]
Enchanted Glass
The Dark Lord of Derkholm, Year of The Griffon, and The Tough Guide To Fantasyland
Unexpected Magic [a collection of short stories]
Eight Days of Luke
Aunt Maria
Archer's Goon
Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, and House of Many Ways
[all by Diana Wynne Jones]

The Graveyard Book
[all by Neil Gaiman]


The Earthsea series [by Ursula le Guin]

The Never-ending Story
[by Michael Ende]

The Thief Lord
Dragon Ride duology
Reckless series
[by Cornelia Funke]

Alcatraz VS The Evil Librarians series [by Brandon Sanderson]

PS I'm so glad you're going to read the Abhorsen trilogy! It's one of my favourites.

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The first Thursday Next book was really rough going for me, thanks to the swearing, among other things, but after that things get substantially better.