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Under the thread about 78% of Americans wanting firing teaches to be easier - Ellinas was against any voucher system that would enable any school to produce people like us, by name. I am beginning to think he doesn't like you, I know he doesn't like me, but he just is not happy with you either.

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We have spoken of this before:
1. Your are a self-confessed non-Christian, you have not the Spirit of God to understand the verses you use for your own wicked ends.
2. I have made it clear before, this passage does not mean what you think it means, it is about deciding in a legal manner that someone should be killed for their sins, when the people involved would bear the same penalty because all have sinned.
3. It is the job of every Christian to point out that people are falsely using Jesus Name to promote evil and liberalism is thoroughly evil.
4. Jesus was commended by His Father (Hebrews) not just for His Righteousness, but also his hatred of evil which hatred of evil Ellinas does not seem to share at all.
5. It was between me and Ellinas, not me a a self confessed child of hell - YOU.

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Liberals are incredibly tone deaf when it comes to elections and they even believe their own biased polls as if they were holy writ. This Omnibus Budget Bill is ample evidence of their hearing difficulties.

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Quite the tirade - you are really on the extreme Left, which by the way, is wholly anti-Christ.

Next, no matter what you want, if other parents like and/or agree with 108 or myself, why shouldn't they be allowed in a free society to attend schools that support their values? Your children can attend public schools that reflect your extreme, wholly secular liberal values; public schools are the propaganda-brainwashing ministries for extreme liberalism and your kids can go there, but why can't I send my kids to any school I want with the money I would have to pay in taxes that now support your liberal schools?

We have only your word and your interpretation of events at that parochial school, which is an extremely liberal, carnal view and I'll bet that if we heard their side you would be proven to be an anti-Christian radical trying to attack a perfectly good school. So, just because you say it does not make it a fact.

Just because Rob has a different viewpoint from your own and in many cases mine as well, that is a pretty extreme diagnosis, which you are prone to engage in absent a license.

It continues to make me sad that so many people like you say and probably even believe you are Christian, but in your every word, thought and belief you appear completely outside the faith or at least very carnal. There is a need, a responsibility by Christian parents and teachers to advise in the strongest possible terms about the very real spiritual dangers in a host of written works and if you choose to ignore trafficking with demons for you or your children that is your choice, but it lacks godly wisdom.

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Ah, you did not read my post or you could not make such a rash and harsh judgment. The teacher in that other post made it clear that because of the mixing in of all sorts of troubled students and damnable regulations - all students suffer: Try it, it will not hurt you ->

Before you get out yer rope, tie a noose and start yellin "hang-em all pardners," assuming you are not alone but part of an old fashioned lynching party, try and see what real teachers, devoted teachers face every day. I know this is true in this country, in every size community and racial, economic make-up.

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No dummy, pay attention -> he was a Democrat and then he took the cure and became a Republican. Being a conservative Republican is the only sure cure for the liberal disease of being a Democrat.

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Christ was a Republican before he was an Independent running on a Democrat Platform and is now a Reagan Republican? He needs psychiatric help to deal with his multiple personalities, he is a male Sybil.

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How do you measure good versus bad teachers, excluding extreme behavior; until you are able to remove the stumbling blocks and give the teachers back the tools they have lost through liberal political correctness? Other than the extreme cases, when you are just examining educational performance performance, it is unfair until the barriers are removed and they are given the chance to really teach.

Did you bother to read my blog wherein a real teacher details, in a letter, the problems they face just through political correctness?

Good teachers are the majority, the vast majority, even the ultra liberal NEA members and the really bad ones needing to be removed are a tiny minority.

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What about the absolute fact that public schools are failing our children in preparing them to compete in the real world, they are far below most of the world; but you say, leave them alone. Or, I'll bet like most liberals you would say they need more money.

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If you examine this issue, I think you will find that public school per student costs range between$12,000 to $27,000 per year, while in private schools the average would be about $3,500 each per year. I don't have the time or interest to work out all the data here, but it seems not only do private schools based on national examinations consistently outperform public schools by a big margin, they cost a fraction per student.

I can use a voucher, get my child a better education and save the state a lot of money, what is not to like?