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Matthew 7:1

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gop believes there should be two Santas.
Just ask Jude Wanniski.

Ho Ho Ho, gop.

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The oil in Bakken is less than 200 days worth of oil used by America.
bush is wrong again.

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poof, it's over. Extree spin won't help.

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Don't worry, it was your first time.
Maybe you'll get another try soon.

Good luck!

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Ohhhh swing and another miss, huh poof?
Ron isn't a gop.
But you knew that, right?

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It's surprising that gop is now against individual mandates when it originally was their idea.

"while President Clinton was pushing for employers to cover their workers in his 1993 bill, John Chafee of Rhode Island, along with 20 other GOP senators and Rep. Bill Thomas of California, introduced legislation that instead featured an individual mandate. Four of those Republican co-sponsors — Hatch, Charles Grassley of Iowa, Robert Bennett of Utah and Christopher Bond of Missouri — remain in the Senate today."

...But the summary of the Republican bill from the Clinton era and the Democratic bills that passed the House and Senate over the past few months are startlingly alike.

Beyond the requirement that everyone have insurance, both call for purchasing pools and standardized insurance plans. Both call for a ban on insurers denying coverage or raising premiums because a person has been sick in the past. Both even call for increased federal research into the effectiveness of medical treatments — something else that used to have strong bipartisan support, but that Republicans have been backing away from recently."

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Old Pal, if this gop judge owns part of an anti health care firm and the AG actually paid the gop anti health care firm to do anti health care firm stuff while the AG was prosecuting this anti health care case in front of the anti health care firm owning you think there might be a conflict of interest question that should be asked?

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Nutters walk amongst us.

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Old Pal, between the two of us, I'm not the one obsessed by the gays.
That honor belongs to you.

Oh yeah, and your letters are dark again.