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You might be surprised. I'm an independent and I had never heard Rush before and had only heard all the trash about him. When I heard him speak I became a fan and feel that everything he was saying the other day in his "first speech to the nation" was spot on.

I think where there is me there are many more who feel the same way. Remember, conservative type people are not the outspoken ones that get in people's faces like liberals. There is probably a silent majority right now.

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BO is the one hitting the entire country into an iceberg...and on purpose.

Who is the leader of your party? Oprah?

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Isn't it great...our country is running out of money but thank goodness we have enough to send a rocket into space to check to see if there could be other planets like earth? Wow, it's so great. We are going broke, but we might just find another earth out there somewhere...and when we do, ummmm, ohhhhhhhhh I get it, we can borrow money from them next?

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Greta, you said "President Obama is trying to get unity, not partisanship. ", but do we really know that is what he wants? He probably wants to create a distraction for the public while he passes all his spending bills.

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How is your Socialist President working out for ya?

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You can try to put lipstick on your pig L_Proch but a pig is still a pig and BO is one that can't be dressed up.

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Everyone I know who voted for him are just keeping silent and some still really love him. One even went on to say, "but we have Obama now so it will all be okay" when referring to the current crisis. Unbelievable!

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Also, when they lower people interest rates on their houses with that new bill, it only lasts 5 years so therefore he is delaying the housing crisis to that time. It's all smoke and mirrors.

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I would bet this letter writer actually forwarded mean emails about Sarah Palin and John McCain too.

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I don't think Rush is extreme at all. I have never listened to his radio show but when I heard him Saturday I liked what he had to say and was happy he was saying what so many of us have been feeling since BO. Rush represents true Americans of any party that want to stand up and protect what this country was founded on.