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To paraphrase from one of my favorite South Park moments:

Step 1: Make anti-American movies insulting the audiences' intelligence.
Step 2: ?????
Step 3: Profits!

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An older Kurt Russell movie (I think it's called Breakdown, but I'm not sure), where a couple's car breaks down, the wife gets kidnapped and the husband tries to rescue her. Very scary in its realism, but without modern excessive violence.

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That's why it's so important for parents to know what's being taught to their kids in school. Also, don't be afraid to sit down and have a serious discussion with your child about how not everything their teachers feed them in social studies classes is Gospel. Sure, they would have to regurgitate some of it on tests to get good grades, but if you give them enough information, they will figure out the truth. Kids are smarter than most adults give them credit for.

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I like what Rush Limbaugh said a couple of months ago- liberals are liberals first and everything else second (Jews, women, gays, Americans). That's why Jews support anti-Israeli politicians. That's also why gays/feminists are not saying boo about Islamic oppression. Ideology is more important to them than anything, including intellectual honesty.

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Inside MSM journalist's brain:

Radical Muslim Charged with Shootings= Does. Not. Fit. MSM. Template. Must. Re-Write. Now. Hmmm, lemme see...
Marine Reservist Charged with Shootings= Ah, much better.

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Lech Walesa was my childhood hero during the Solidarity days. Feels great not to be disappointed after all these years. But makes me feel even worse for today's kids who worship modern celebrities instead of true heroes such as Walesa.

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I think the reason the Israelis went back to electing Netanyahu as their leader was because they didn't trust Obama to support Israel. They were proven right more than once over the last 2 years. Bibi Rocks! The right man for the right time, indeed.

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The difference between Israeli Jews and Jews anywhere else is the absence of guilt and self-hatred. Hence the difference in views and behavior, no surprise at all.

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Knocked Up is a great "modern" romcom that's a great example of what this column is talking about. Yes, it's racier that the 80's-90's stuff, but the message of responsibility and respect for life is unmistakable. I love the scene how the girl's stuck-up mother tells her of the "right" way to handle an unwanted pregnancy - "You sister had an abortion, but now she has a REAL baby." Something to that effect anyway. It's funny but also feminist dogma in a nutshell- the baby is not real if you don't want it. By being a bit edgy and "cool" the movie is able to bring home a great message to people who otherwise may not listen.

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It's easy to make fun of fantasy as a genre, but I appreciate it, in no small part because a large segment of fantasy is dominated by conservatives or libertarians. And frankly if it takes a sparkly undead metrosexual to teach the message of abstinence and self-sacrifice for the one you love, I'll take that any day over a "deep" adult flick like American Beauty or Revolutionary Road. Most interestingly, I find that even clearly liberal artists like J.K. Rowling or Joss Whedon, under the cover of "fantasy" end up telling very conservative stories that they would never create if set in the real world. Fantasy lends itself to black and white, good vs. evil setup that our "sophisticated" society for the most part disdains in mainstream art. . As conservatives movie and art lovers, I believe we would make a mistake dismissing a whole genre as juvenile and unimportant. (For the record I'm a 40 YO mother of 3 and have never lived in my parents' basement.)