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My God, the people who voted this J-Off into office have gotten us all into Major Trouble. I watched "So U think U can dance, but afterwards I watched the full "speech" from osama and I don't really think "he even believes the Bull-S that comes out of his mouth. He's an Efffin Phony and I can't take watching him give the same Stupid Answers he gives, if you are an Effin Retard and don't understand what he is doing - U should be ashamed. I voted for the lesser of the two Evils, McCain, but these stupid White Morons who voted for him should be driven out of American, Go Live somewhere in Europe, U will get what U deserve in those countries, this is AMERICA Stupid, wake the Eff up. Sincerely Disgusted with Liberals & osama.

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Maybe you should Brush up on some Manners, you AssWipe. Go EFFFF Yourself.....

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I'm 35, I have heard of him, but it makes no difference in my life, move on. God Bless him (IF He Deserved it), if not - I hate to be crass, but I really don't want to hear about it anymore. Just like Michael Jackson, I have more serious issues to be concerned about. Sorry to his Family, but that's about it. Amen

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What's going on? Is this site going away completely? I will be crushed, these are some of the smartest people I have ever come across on any website. Please don't go anywhere.

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You know what, I warned MY Family members who own an Italian Restaurant that osama would ruin this country, they balked at my argument, they voted this douche bag in and now they will Pay a Heavy price for it. They got what they deserved. I don't even speak to them anymore, but I am secretly laughing my A** off, wait until they see that they have to give their employees Healthcare or pay a HUGE Fine, wait till they see how much their Electric Bill goes up on Cap and Tax? They should feel so ashamed of themselves, I am ashamed of them and for them.

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Sure, they need Free Cell Phones, in Mass. they get Free Cars, why Not cell phones too? They get Free Housing, Free Food (Food Stamps), Free Medical Care, Ooooh, I have a great Idea, let's give them FREE COMPUTER LAPTOPS ALSO. Don't they Need and Deserve that too?
The disgust I feel for all this welfare crap is giving me an ulcer. Why work? Why be productive, stay home, have sex with pathetic losers with no jobs, make lots of Babies you Can't afford & the Govt. will take care of everything. We are now a Welfare State with plenty of scum bags who love this FREE Stuff, they think they deserve. Ugggh, Blood is shooting from my eyes too.

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I am behind anything Israel decides to do against Iran. They Have Balls, something we in the US cannot say about Our Country any longer. Go Israel, don't wait for anyone's approval to protect your right to exist. I'm Catholic and I have more love for Israel than our Prez does. Do what you got to do. Make it happen.....I have no doubt you will succeed, you are the only ones that are still standing against Islamic Muslim PSYCHOPATHS. We need you to exist.

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She should be DISQUALIFIED, just like any WHITE person would have been had they ever had the Audacity to say that because they were WHITE they would come to a better decision than a friggin MINORITY. Talk about an Effin Double Standard. I am Sick and Tired of this Sh**. She thinks she's better than White people, Case Closed, if a White person ever said that out loud, in a speech at Duke University, they would lose everything, their career would be over, they would NEVER be nominated for Anything on this friggin Planet and I for one am sick and tired of the Discrimination that Whites Face every Goddamn Day. She's gonna get through because our Government is so GD Corrupt and STUPID. Get these moronic Dems out of office in 2010 for GOOD, they have no moral compass & only care about Minorities getting over on White People. It's truly sickening. My stomach hurts from watching these stupid Sotomayor Hearings.

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I hope he becomes King of his born country Kenya. Stay the EFFFFFF over in Africa, you ain't doing SH** for us here, (Except ruining any chance we have to get out of this MESS) maybe he can con those idiots in Africa about his Kingship.

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My patience is Effin Gone.I knew this guy was a Douche Bag from the moment I saw him & he has only proven my thoughts.We Had 2 RUSH through Stimulus or else Unemployment would rise,Guess what Dick?I still can't even come close 2 finding an adequate job.I have over 17 years of Executive Administrative Assistance & can't find a friggin job. Your Stimulus was payback 2 all the scum bags who voted U into office-Knowing full well that U didn't have an effin clue as 2 what U were doing.I have no more patience.We have 2 Vote out this Phony in 2012 or else!! All Politicians R Corrupt,I have come 2 understand 2 despise them all,but this is what we have allowed in the US.I would still rather vote any Corrupt Republican into office rather than sit & watch these Dem-Libs hand over hard earned money 2 people who don't even look for a job (Like I do Everyday,with NO Luck at all).Patience mr. prez, that's gone,U had your chance & U Blew it,Bending over 2 Saudi Kings,Apologizing 2 everyone in the Effin World 4 our Actions.Our Actions Have Saved Millions of Human Lives in Every Country, U mr. prez R a MORON & a True Embarrassment 2 all of the U.S.