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Hey, just get the FCC involved somehow! Fox took care of that one in '03---
Search terms: Akre v Fox 1st amendment right to lie
Project Censored #11 in '05......

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I know it's not possible on the time/space continuum as we know it, but she's as if Backwards B Girl and James O'Keefe mated or somesuch.

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I would like to sign up for your newsletter.

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Meesh is running commercials right now in MN paid for by Bachmann for Congress.
The usual O-Care drivel. FABULOUS black silk suit, thanks for asking.

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FUCK THESE GUYS (arrows optional)

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I wonder if the Walmart guy had any medical........oh, never mind, I'm sure his extravagant pay from said establishment will cover all the medical costs......

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It'll be interesting to see what happens here. True story, I'm a stew over 25 years. In '02, a drunk 20 yr old body slammed me into the lav door on ascent and we turned the plane around, landed at home base, FBI interview and back on the plane to do the Vegas turnaround. The kid got a 5 figure fine and 9 months in the federal pen.
Wonder what the son of a senator will get?

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I've got schadenfreude frothing all over my hysterical giggling that MichelleEffingBachmann is out-trucknutzing TPaw, media-wise.
First, the GOPee screws him back in the day and he has to switch his plans to run for Senate with NahmColeman, runs for Gov instead and he "norquists" all over the place trying to ruin MN because they've promised him his run for Pres.
And now, he can't get decent coverage and Meesh could be at least the Veep Nom. Where's your god now, Timmeh!
Excuse me while I break for further hysterical giggling.

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Who revered a serial killer as her freedum icon.

It's a circle of life thing.

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See this is my thinking.....with Meesh as Natasha and any-other-random-(R)-dooshbag as Boris.
The hair fits (R)Perry, tho.