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None of the options even describe my feelings. It was like excitement, joy, closure, a little worry, just everything. I went with Other.

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Some huge fan pandering, which I don't necessarily agree with, but I'll give it a shot just as I have for the rest of the show.

Personally I'll laugh hysterically if the ponies are completely different from their fanon.

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Damn, this is fucking phenomenal. Love Fallout: Equestria. Seeing the stuff I read come to life with animation that smooth made me a bit fluttery. Still slowly making my way through PH, not as good as the original but still a decent read that I go to every so often.

Pink Eyes is soon.

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Glad to be back. This is gonna be another sweet season.

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I've been hyped for this since it was announced.

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S3 was my least favorite, but mostly because of the length I think. I didn't really enjoy the second half of the season though.

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Sometimes I think it's all hiatus and the seasons were just hallucinations to keep me from going insane.

They feel so short compared to these crazy long waits we've got now.

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That fan pandering though. Yeesh.

I mean I'll probably still love it, but I can hardly even believe they would actually pull something like that.

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#26: Dang, that realistic hair/mane though.

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Couple of these should probably have saucy tags.

Love it anyways!