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Nah, you didn't really hurt my feelings, I just wanted to get your attention. You are my only friend at KOMO and now at Brietbart...I just want your attention..that's all.

With Lovey dovey kissy wissy goodness,


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I'll tell ya Max, the best part about this story are the photographs of the "commando" on the ground surrounded by the ships crew. What was that jewjboi 20 - 22 maybe. I think i'll go find that picture and frame it with the caption "Pussy jew commando shit kicked by mindless "cattle"

I mean really, what kind of armed "human" lets "animals" get the better of him. The joos should be ashamed.

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And still the dipshit Israel-firsters will never lay down their stupid beliefs about Israel, lest they be thought anti-shemitic.

Fuck 'em. I hope they are the first ones to go when the race war breaks out. No..wait. I hope wiggers are the first ones to go and then the I.F.'s

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Good post!!!

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This whole left-right meme kills me. Hey guess what? There is no left right there is simply the masters and the are a subject....everything else is a diversion...


Drink your kool-aide, get your flu shot, die.

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Blech! This idiotic idea of civil "marriage" is complete crap.

And Crowder is an f'ing chowder head. Hey chowder-head crowder, why is Detroit in the current state it is in? Hey I know, why not make a stupid video and blame everything but the blacks.

Crap you people are brain dead. gay marriage indeed.

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wrong. way wrong. congress is the hand puppet to those who own the corporations. Rothschild's, Bildebergers, Tri-laterals, Mason's etc etc...getting the picture.

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I guess he is having the first presidential

This guy is a joke, may his name be "accidentally" left out of all future presidential hagiographies.

"presidential hagiographies"....i crack myself up...LOL!!!

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good point. though Crap2 is probably keeping this story going because they are against freedom of association.

They are part of the mainstream media masters, they benefit if they can keep us huddled under one umbrella and thinking about the same dumb pointless crap.

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That's the way it is around my place. We regularly have 4 or 5 deer munching on a bush right outside our front door.

Fist time it happened my kids went nuts ( good kind of nuts), jumping and clapping,etc...

I have to keep telling them, "don't touch the little black BB's on our property."

Of course there is also coons, opossum's, snake's and to a lesser extent coyote's and the very, very occasional black bear.

I love the country. Neighbors keep their distance and nobody just stops by for a chat.