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Oh, d'oh! Haha, makes more sense now. :)

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Since when is burning a Bible illegal?

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I'd consider "Jesus Camp" my number one horror film of 2008...or was it made before then?

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I wouldn't be so brass as to burn it, but I'd certainly turn her in to the school administrators!! That kind of stuff is illegal, I'm afraid.

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Wow, this is really interesting! I'm intrigued, thank you for doing this! I can't wait to read the next parts.

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I wouldn't say that's fair though. I go to a very small, conservative school in the middle of Iowa, and people there are very much open to free speech, even if it contradicts what they have to say. They seem much more friendly when you wear a shirt stating your own beliefs (e.g., "I'm an atheist," or something about Darwin) than when you wear something that's blatantly insulting (e.g. "Jesus wasn't real," etc.). But, that's just my personal experience.

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Obviously this is your choice, but I feel like you should go for it anyway. If you're not willing to stand up for your beliefs, who will? By letting that kind of bullying get to you, the crazed fundamentalists are winning. I hate to say it, but no civil rights battle was won by sitting on the sidelines and waiting for things to change. Just my two cents though.

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White privilege.

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I can't decide what upsets me more, what he said, or how he said it....really, Joe, what did adverbs ever do to you? Would it really hurt you to use them correctly?