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OK, I don't get it, what the hell is wrong with a fricken red cup? Am I missing something?

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We are experiencing a combination of rain and ice this AM. The highways in and around Des Moines are covered with a thin sheet of ice and travel is not advised. As I watch TV, church closings are being flashed across the bottom of the screen. I find that to be so ridiculous. I can certainly appreciate severe T-storm and/or tornado warnings and I take the proper precautions when they arise. But church closings? Give me a break! If people are too stupid to notice when they walk out the door that they can't even navigate their front steps, why in the world would you risk life and limb to go to church? Roll over and go back to sleep.......................

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The more I read about the flu shot and what is contained therein, the more convinced I am to skip it. Never have had a flu shot and don't intend to start now.

Some thoughts........... http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/five-reasons-why-...

Sounds like it didn't help you either.
Glad you're feeling better!

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What I find most disturbing and idiotic are those people who were fortunately untouched when the tornado/hurricane or whatever came through, the media has a microphone in their faces and they are declaring how fortunate they are because god spared THEM. So this implies that they are somehow BETTER than the other poor people in the area with no home to which to return? How rude is that? Not to mention STUPID!

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Stay safe!
I live in a highly susceptible tornado region and dread the spring months when the probabilities of severe storms are high, am always packed up and ready to leave my little mobile home.
I guess god hates Iowa as well...........................................

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I won't be there either, in fact, I am now at the point where I refuse to attend ANY function held in a religious structure, no matter what is scheduled. I hate funerals, and think religious type weddings are a joke as well. I sure as hell would not attend a baptism.

I went through the same thing as you did as a child, my mother insisting that I had to attend. Since I possessed a pretty decent singing voice as a kid and was the main soloist in the choir, I pretty much had to participate. I did enjoy the music back then but not now. Luckily there is one radio station in the area that does not play Xmas music!

So tonight I will be watching a movie or the latest installment of Downton Abbey on my laptop.

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It is also just another day here in my home. Fortunately there is one radio station here in the Des Moines area that does NOT play Xmas music, which, at this point, drives me batty.

For me, it is the commercialism of this holiday that I find most appalling. Yes, I realize that shoppers out there blowing their credit card balances to the brink is good for the economy, but I find the ads on TV ridiculous. Jewelry? A new car? What the hell? There are still far too many people looking for work and where in the hell is THAT money supposed to come from, the mattress?

I try to plan my grocery store trips so that I have to enter the shopping arenas as little as possible in December. I am always glad when Dec. 26th rolls around and things return to some kind of normalcy.

And don't even get me started on the lack of programs to watch on TV. Good grief!

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I have never seen such atrocious spelling and grammar. What does it take to be an Eagle Scout, don't academics count at all?

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Yup, I ignore the Salvation Army kettles and walk on by, much better charities for my limited funds. And I quit supporting The Boy Scouts years ago. It's about damned time for them to get themselves into the 21st century!

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I often wonder how the hell you can continue to live in Mississippi. Iowa is far from perfect and we have our share of close-minded, bronze age bigots, but geez!