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If Angle was going to return this way, being slightly protected, then surely Survivor Series was the PPV for his return but ultimately Wrestlemania was ideal was a final BIG match. The amount of PPV's and relying on the same talent all the time is catching up with both rosters yet decent starts are walking out for not getting used.

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Suppose they don't want the stand in being better than the regular. Mauro doesn't always do the crap Vince lines the way Cole does but Mauro brings legitimacy from all his other work. He makes shows sound important, not just 3 hours of filler.

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Why not Mauro??

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That's what i call living your character, the Monster Among Men, on his knees begging for forgiveness and for his pretend boss not to be told tales.

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Thought Samoa Joe and Brock could have had a longer program. Joe was excellent at Great Balls of Fire and Lesnar seemed to work well with him. There wasn't really anywhere else to go with Strowman/Reigns and Strowman has been built so well he's ready for a title match. Looks like it's going to be a great main event.

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Really hope the Ang!e story is leading somewhere slightly logical and results in a final run and PPV match. The promos so far have been vague enough to leave it wide open. Can't see how an illegitimate child story leads to a match, don't know how a Dixie story goes anywhere. Whatever it is it better be good!

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Another shot fired in the Vince vs Triple H battle. As main roster ratings plummet, HHH moaning about poor use of NXT call ups & now hiring the guy Vince cast aside in favour of JBL.

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Over a year ago the thought of Braun main eventing a PPV & winning made a lot of people choke on their vomit but the slow build has been excellent and shows rushed pushes are never the way to go. Braun appears to have put the effort in on every aspect of his work and it's paid off.

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Mauro was really good on Showtime last night. His commentary brought credibility to the matches he called in WWE. Always wondered though, was his catchphrase 'Mamma Mia', that sneaked in on Smackdown, one of Vince's efforts to make him more like Cole??

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WTF, how do they squeeze references to this into promos without cracking up?