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If Brock is to put anyone over before he goes it must be Braun. No one else would look realistic beating Brock clean and Braun hasn't put a foot wrong the last year or so. He's got the special attraction look and his appeal has widened as creative have played a bit with his character the last few months.

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This is the most exciting thing that's happened in the Woken Matt Hardy/Wyatt feud.

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Is this the last ever, ever, ever, ever ever, ever, ever Sami vs KO match? Hope so.

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Del Rio is shit, he's had too many opportunities already. If he was wrestling in my garden I'd close the curtains.

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This feud seems to have been going on for millennia and nothing remotely out of the ordinary has happened. Both characters need gimmick matches or something unique to them other than bizarre laughter. Otherwise its just a couple of wrestlers with weird promos. The compound, as much as Orton/Wyatt's disappointed with interference by a fridge, puts meat on the bones of Hardy's story.

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If Angle was going to return this way, being slightly protected, then surely Survivor Series was the PPV for his return but ultimately Wrestlemania was ideal was a final BIG match. The amount of PPV's and relying on the same talent all the time is catching up with both rosters yet decent starts are walking out for not getting used.

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Suppose they don't want the stand in being better than the regular. Mauro doesn't always do the crap Vince lines the way Cole does but Mauro brings legitimacy from all his other work. He makes shows sound important, not just 3 hours of filler.

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Why not Mauro??

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That's what i call living your character, the Monster Among Men, on his knees begging for forgiveness and for his pretend boss not to be told tales.

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Thought Samoa Joe and Brock could have had a longer program. Joe was excellent at Great Balls of Fire and Lesnar seemed to work well with him. There wasn't really anywhere else to go with Strowman/Reigns and Strowman has been built so well he's ready for a title match. Looks like it's going to be a great main event.