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The beauty of the Arab Springs is that colonialism will be reasserted and returned but cloaked as a beautiful native woman, cloaked as if the achievement of the people themselves, she pretends to be the heroine of French Revolution symbolism but underneath her skirts are the foreign enemies of the people of old, the Turk, the Saudi King, the Zionist and the European... But if they can give the Arabs a feeling that they have won something for themselves (after centuries of humiliations) then these CIA projects will be welcomed inside their houses like vampire guests.

The Virus needs to adopt a protein coat - to fool the immune system and appear as though it is part of the body.

The people will be convinced to believe in this bullshit and any true revolutionary urges will be defanged for generations. Ihave to give the CIA 100% top marks, though it wouldn't surprise me if this was a British idea, it is so very devious.

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Turks are Zionists, have been since the Ottoman Empire fell.

The new movement in the Middle East is a chimera of Zionism and Salafism - the two blended together. It may only be temporary (and it's only purpose is to oppose Iran) or it may be around for a longer time.

I have no doubts about the treachery that lies in the Arab heart now (and i believe such treachery comes from decades of abuse, an abused child might draw a knife to defend it's abuser - in a bout of Stockholm Syndrome).

For centuries colonial empires were able to skillfully utilise the damaged soul of the colonised, directing him against his brothers - teaching him how to hate his own people and culture, his own history.

It was the Baath parties which gave the Arabs their self respect back after centuries of Turkmen, European and Zionist colonialism (in succession - but all related).

It was Gaddafi who tried to give Africa it's dignity back - now Africa is prostrate... ready to be deflowered again.

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Good one False Afro

Gimme hope Joanna was a song composed to protest apartheid.

Here is the song....

And new lyrics...

Well Obama he runs a country...
He runs in Tel Aviv and Wash ing ton....
He make a few of his people happy
He dun care about the rest of town.

He got a system they call intervention
To keep the Arab in subjection
But maybe pressure could make Obama see
How bombs and terror ara just not on.


Gimme hope Obama.

I hear he take all the Jewish Money
To buy new weapon in the shape of guns
While every mother in a black township fears
The lynching of another son.

Sneakin across all the nation's borders
With drone jokes having lots of fun
He doesn't think that the terrorism he bring
Is dangerous to everyone

Gimme hope Obama, Hope Obama...

He got supporters in high up places
Who turn their heads to the City Sun
Obama gets from them the fancy money
Pursue the interests of Zion.

He even knows how to swing Opinion
In the magazine and the journals
For every evil thing that this Obama do
Liberals got a good ex pla na tion

Gimme Hope Obama Gimme Hope...
Before the Morning come.

Even those Syrians who follow Jesus
Whose bishop is a peaceful man
Together say that the heroic army will
Overcome the terror wrong

I want to know if your blind Obama
Can't you see what you do is just wrong?
Is it worth all this unnecessary bloodshed?
To just win election...


Gimme Hope Obama

Sung in the name of the blacks terrorised in Libya by Obama.

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This is a strategy which is identical to the Arab Springs in form.

The key is selective application. SOME Governments were targeted by the CIA terrorists for 'revolution' and also SOME Governments and terrorists around the world will be targetted by the US with this Treaty.... The ultimate purpose will be to advance US foreign policies and project US-Zionist power globally.

It's the same as the ICC - they say it is a 'global' court but all it does is bully small countries who run afoul of the US - it's existence is an insult to the concept of global justice (still only theoretical). It is a neocolonial institution...

The US is at the moment seeking (in the absence of a genuine global superpower competitor) to have it's policies enacted globally using various guises. There is good need for arms control but the US will just do it in a way that disadvantages it's enemies while leaving it's friends untouched.

Something is better than nothing is not how these things work. What if there was a law that was only applied to you and not your neighbour? What if we have laws for every country on Earth but Israel (Ie Talmudic)? Exceptionalism in Law is not acceptable, that lady is blind - or it is not her.

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Replace the Korean leader with Assad in this cartoon and you get a wonderfully sarcastic take on the prevailing narrative in the Western media...

And this is the mindset Assad is expected by Margolis to appeal to and win over (by not mentioning his WMD). People who would call Gaddafi/Assad/Kim a 'madman' and treat with Obama like he is a completeley innocent, decent global statesman.

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Then go read the NYT and feel clever.

You can even convince yourself that Syria's promise to use chemical weapons in self defence is a form of 'attack' on Israel - i am sure there are columnists there who are even now thinking up ways to put that in the next column.

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Margolis does make one good point and that is he when he draws attention to the horrible scale of destruction which conventional (eg thermobaric) weapons are capable of.
The use of WMD is minor compared to the horrors of conventional war and certainly the kind of sectarian war Israel wishes to see.

Some people engage in a kind of magical thinking when contemplating what the US has declared as 'weapons of mass destruction'... they have been conditioned to do so.
Conventional weapons which any aggression against Syria will utilise - are much worse because they don't have this scary unacceptable reputation of WMD... So their use is considered acceptable and widespread.

As for the Resolution suggested by the Saudis - the Russians will block it or they wont - if they don't it won't be because of the Syrian suggestion to use all weapons it has at it's disposal if it is attacked...
Rather it will be because Russia has decided to stop obstructing NATO's goals for Syria.

Syria is a peaceful country and despite the provocations thus far will only use these weapons in self defence, Iraq was even more peaceful - it gave up it's WMD - and was pulverised and contaminated with DU as a reward.
N Korea gives up nothing and threatens to use it's WMD in self defence - nobody attacks N Korea...
Being a stupid dove is dangerous to the health.... time to get realpolitical (and get real).
All nations on Usraeli kill list should be accumulating WMD as quickly as they can, i support that completely in the name of peace.

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Regime change in Libya was NATO policy, they would have gotten there anyway they could, however they learned from Iraq that you need to have a plan before you go in.

Their plan in Libya was to fake the idea of a 'revolution' (the media do the job of disseminating NATO's narratives and pretending things that are happening are spontaneous or not part of a long term plan), attack the country and install the puppets - and that's just what they did...

The 'turmoil' created the puppets, all the auxiliary terrorists that are stalking Libya and moaning are feeling disillusioned.

If Gadaffi had promised NATO the moon and stars the endpoint of regime change wouldn't have been altered in anyway.

Likewise in Syria they have the endpoint of regime change - now we must ask ourselves how can Syria oppose that plan effectively? By what... being nice?

Appealing to International Law and demanding a fair hearing? That was tried by Saddam (where is he now?), by offering the West concessions (Gadaffi did this, where is he now?).

The only way to stop it from happening is with force and power - to hurt NATO and friends if they mess with your sovereignty.. and to carry it through if necessary.

Assad should have biological weapons too (why didn't he get them dammit) and he should be declaring (it's not a 'threat' - a 'threat' is proactive - not defensive)...

that secret allies Turkey and Israel will get splattered with WMD too should they intefere.

It's like an electrical fence, if i touch it i suffer an electrocution, it is appalling - but whose fault is it - mine or the owner of the fence?

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The US spent the first half of the 00's invading countries because it said they had Al Qaeda (and Syria, Libya cooperated with the US in this) and the second half using Al Qaeda to invade countries. They double-cross so often it is amazing they have any allies outside of the EU and British Commonwealth to help them... And as much as i oppose the Usraeli empire i think if they invaded Qatar or Saudi i might start cheering for them

We appreciate the Russians' attempts to defend the integrity of the United Nations at least (in preventing it from becoming another US foreign policy tool, another adjunct to US imperial power) - even though this is only part-time (Russia and China failed Libya) and even though the organisation itself seems riddled with imperialists and interventionists... so much so that i wonder is it worth saving?

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West doesn't need 'excuses to invade' that's a false perception the Western warlords have invented themselves... It makes them appear reasonable (as though their policies are formulated according to arguments and facts and reason).

If the Iraq war has thought us anything it is that all this is planned beforehand and then a narrative is composed (sometimes in a hurried and half assed way) to justify what they were going to do anyway.

The West will only desist if there is too much to risk, to threaten to use chem weapons in event of foreign attack is a compelling reason for foreigners not to interfere.

Margolis is another pseud, he is pretending to be neutral or against war but he makes an argument that points the finger at the Syrian Govt - when the Syrian Govt position is eminently reasonable...

'Intervention' or brutal invasion is the outrage not the Syrians' promise to defend themselves using everything they have if attacked.