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Even if he weasals outa this harassment charge, he can't weasal outa the charge of "WEARING DUCKIE PAJAMAS IN PUBLIC WHILE SMIRKING LIKE A COMPLETE DORK"

I don't know what the charge carries if convicted, but if it were up to me...well, let's just say he'd lose that smirk rather quickly.

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Q: What about Lynyrd Skynyrd?
A: Yes

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He’s so much more comfortable fighting back against the 1 percent, against companies who are changing the environment rather than against ISIS.

So, can Bamz order drone strikes against BP? Goldman-Sachs? How 'bout Mittens car elevator? Just askin'.

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Certainly Led Zeppelin IV is always a good call!

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It is unclear whether this exchange happened before or after Dowd called the ’08 Obama campaign “effete and vaguely foreign,”

So, international idiots McGrumpy & Princess Dumbass got their asses kicked by an "effete and vaguely foreign' campaign? Okay.

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Uh, Governor -- follow up question, please: Do you believe in heliocentrism? Or do you wanna punt on that one, as well?

Gddm these arseholes and the fkg bibul-thumpers they suck up to...

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Maybe this is one of Obama's 11 dimensional chess moves to suddenly turn all Congressional Republicans into Amish Pacifists:

"War? No way! Hell No Way!! Will will never, EVER sacrafice our young lives for Obama's war profiteers!!! Request DENIED!!!"

[Hey, I can dream, can't I?]

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Gotta admit: their arguments are gonna be pretty convincing to Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Roberts. [sigh]

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Yeah, but W made up for all that with his masterful handling of the US economy.

You libtards are soooo nit-picky!

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...the teacher acted against school policy — I’d add she or he acted against the Constitution, too, by telling the student to put away the Bible — so, the principal understood part of this, anyway, not the teacher though.

So when Jimmy Tippet brought that most excellent Penthouse to school (yeah, I'm an old fk), and that damn Mr. Fife confiscated it during history -- that must have been unconstitutional. Right?