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This Hadi think others will not question his assertion as he is an AUTHORITY on islamic law. I did a bit of research and found out that this Hadi is trying to pull a fast one. Bribery, corruption, abuse of power are all mentioned in the hadith and koran but all these are not part of the hudud law and most of these mentioned the punishment in the hereafter. There is no such thing as requiring 4 credible witnesses. So who is Hadi trying to fool ? In Islamic jurisprudence on corruption , Legal Presumptions (“Al-Qara’in Al-Kanounia”) can also be used.

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Given the experiences with PAS it is only prudent that ALL parties in the state government give an undertaking that they will abide by the common policy framework. As PAS is LEGALLY unable to work with DAP it would give them a back door in whatever that was agreed at the state government meeting or state committee meeting. Hadi could , at any time , over rule all the decisions made.

The undertaking is prudent , do-able and practical. Just do it !!!

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Kak Wan, will this ulama PAS be one of the parties that you will be cooperating with to form the new alliance ? If so what do you think may happen if this new alliance do make it to putraya on a hair's breadth and PAS actively plotting with UMNO to form a government ? Their argument may be that they cannot support a woman as PM.

If you are sincere in forming a new alliance be very clear as to who can be trusted and counted on to do the right thing at the right time in the right way. Can be friendly with PAS. Can be friendly with BN. But chose carefully who your allies are.

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How were the government guarantees given by the federal government if the cabinet was in the dark ? Did the PM acted unilaterally ?

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This hardy has very little understanding of what actually happened in PR and then went half-corked with his half-assed declaration. He should have attended meetings more often :-)

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I thought OSA applies to official government documents. Here we have 2 government linked companies doing a deal. So what "official" secrets were being leaked ?

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A tingling sensation rises up my spine with a sense of hope.

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What is important is for PKR and DAP to do what is right ; right by the rakyat first and foremost. PAS youth in penang making a lot of noise because their dishonest and dishonourable leader was snubbed is really their own baggage to bear. No need to give in to their emotional blackmail.

Stay the course and do right - that's most important.

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" Freedom of speech and expression has always thrived online. With these proposed amendments, these freedoms are now under severe threat."

More and more people will go underground and anonymous services would now see an increase in demand. Technology to hide one's identity has become a lot easier to set up nowadays.

Having said this, however , individual connections could be thwarted and all internet packets from that individual could be dropped/filtered.

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Is corruption considered as theft from the government ?

If a muslim by birth claimed not to have practised islam since birth as he had never thought of himself as a muslim, would the law of apostasy applied to him ? Before the law of apostasy could be applied shouldn't each and every adult muslim be made to declare their faith ? The law do not clear on who a muslim is.