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I seriously need to talk to my doctor about whether I need booster shots for any of the plagues of old circulating.

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All the illegal brownz should be more illegal, also, too.

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For a bleeding heart librul, my chest cavity is empty of empathy for that guy. I need to find a job that better compensates me for abysmal performance.

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Catch 23, there. Volunteer = consent.

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Dear Kevin and the rest of the theist wackadoos, the buttsecks is not limited to the gheys. Seriously, watch some straight porn, for a change...it'll drop some carnal knowledge on you.

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Hate to see a good one leave office, even if the office held is in a political cesspool, but give 'em hell, Ellie.

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So, lawyers should try to find minors sealed medical records to sue abortion providers because all the teen non-moms were victims of pedophiles? Typing that made my eyes bleed. Me thinks it more likely that these doe-eyed females were victims of adolescent Texans and never had a proper sex ed class. Unplanned pregnancies happen when you believe things like "you can't get pregnant if it's a full moon." Of course, I don't know, I came of age in a blue state during the Clinton administration and had the full low-down on condoms, hormonal birth control, dental dams (yep, only place I've ever actually seen one was in my public school) starting in 5th grade.

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Somewhere in between a landslide and a recount.

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♫ ...dress in black and read Camus, smoke clove cigarettes and drink Vermouth... ♫

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I do miss the blingees.