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I was about to post the same thing. Darn, I've been doing decently well about GoT spoilers, too :(. OP, could you put a warning or something with the link??

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Hah, I used to tell my coworkers that I was giving the copier a blow-job when I used canned air to clean out the dust.

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Miqmimoo needs (Native) help!

(rot'd for personal stuff)
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(rot'd for personal stuff- location mostly :) )

Gunaxf! V'z cynaavat ba ehaavat sbe Vqnub Fgngr Ubhfr ba na vaqrcraqrag cyngsbez. V jbhyq tb sbe Obvfr pvgl pbhapvy, ohg V yvir bhgfvqr bs gur pvgl yvzvgf. Jr'ir orra urer sbe n srj lrnef, naq vg qevirf zr hc gur jnyy gung zbfg bs bhe ercf eha habccbfrq. V ybool nf n ibyhagrre sbe zbfgyl urnygupner eryngrq vffhrf (V'z n Zrqvpny Nffvfgnag jvgu n ybg bs pnapre va zl snzvyl, fb vg unf orra cerggl vzcbegnag gb zr), ohg Vqnub unf n ybat jnl gb tb va n ybg bs erfcrpgf. V'ir orra yhpxl rabhtu gb tb gb QP n pbhcyr bs gvzrf naq V'ir ernyvmrq gung V unir n cnffvba sbe vg, fb ubcrshyyl V pna znxr n qvssrerapr fbzrubj!

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Eh, personally I will be following the new accounts. I was frustrated before as I struggled with giving him the attention vs keeping track of policy changes and such (I'm intending to run for local office in a few years so I'm trying to be involved) but now I'm following the OFFICE and not specifically the orange man.

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Boise here- we get snow, but it usually all melts in the next few days. We're sitting with 14 inches on the ground and another 3-7 on the way. Then we'll have freezing rain to add a lovely layer of ice to everything and down tree limbs. The next day we get normal rain to melt everything. They're warning to expect major flooding.

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Oh I don't do well with scary stories from personal experiences. It's one of the big reasons that I can't watch Supernatural!

I had a horrible moment just now where I thought "I live in Boise! What if the house we bought is the one Mark grew up in and there's a horrible ghost lady haunting my kids at night?!?!?" Then I remember that our house is only 10 years old....

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Excited for you to make it to Boise! If you had planned it for August 14-16 I would have pitched you for Fandemonium! Oh well, glad you can make it out here at all :)

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Oh my wow, thank you for reminding me about this show! I remember watching the dubbed version on TV as a kid, now I'm excited to watch the original. Very, very cool!

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Hooray! On to the Emelan books! I'm the odd one out of the Tamora Pierce fandom, though the Tortall books were my childhood, my library never seemed to have the first Circle book in so I never made it to this world! I found it at my new local library late last year and read the first two....then I could never find the third. I'm thinking I should add these to my collection as a gift to myself this year :)

Any ways, I super excited to start this journey! New characters to have all the feels for!!!