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I'm so sick of these people. Santorum is a thousand times a more decent human being than Trump.

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Be careful about jumping to false conclusions when addressing people.  My point was that it could just as easily have been a terrorist or otherwise insane person with a vial of some toxic substance.  Romney was not adequately protected.  People should be searched before they are permitted to stand that close to a serious contender for the presidency.  As for the glitter, my comments stand.  It is difficult to take people seriously when they are tossing glitter around.

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Ah, such an important societal movement that throws glitter on people. Think about it: they throw glitter on people. Put yourself in that situation. What kind of mentality would you have to have that you thought throwing glitter on people was the way to go.

By the way, how was that guy able to get that close with that stuff? It could have been acid or something instead of glitter that he threw on Romney. Doesn't give me much confidence in his protection.

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You realize this photo will be used to say Breitbart is a friend of Bill Ayers.

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Ah, but they (American progressives) will be the first to bring it about, being the gods they are.

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Impeach Ginsburg. Call your Congressman and Senator.

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I don't care where their logic is. Get them out of office. And tell your Congressman and Senator that Ginsburg should be publicly censured if not impeached.

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Let's do more than complain about it. Call your Senator and Congressman and demand she be publicly censured for these views, possibly even impeached.

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Call your Senator and Congressman and demand that she be reprimanded and possibly impeached. You realize, of course, that a number of years ago Obama himself complained that the Constitution did not "go far enough" in providing for "redistributive justice."

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Check my posts going back a long time.  I am a conservative, but I also think our elected representatives should be moral beings.  And Newt Gingrich is not.  That he did not lie about his infidelity is delusional on your part.  He lied to his wife, bucko.  And yes, I cared about what Clinton did.  It is Democrats, not conservatives, who didn't care.  Reagan's divorce was due to his wife, not him.  Not even close, bucko.  And here is one more for you:  Christianity is also about not being an idiot who is fooled by politicians.  "Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves."  That means do not be a fool.  Newt Gingrich used a desipicable form of logic to sidestep whether or not he was somehow a hypocrite in condemning Clinton at the same time he was fooling around on his own wife.  He used the same lying, narcissistic logic Clinton used.  Exactly the same, bucko.  And he used it JUST THE OTHER DAY when he made those comments.  Learn to think straight.  Pointing out the truth is not unChristian.  This man wants to be the leader of the free world.  NO WAY!!!