Mic Skills Required

Mic Skills Required


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I'd vote for No Surrender based on the Bully/Anderson match alone. One of the best matches I've seen all year.

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I read spoilers all the time. It actually gets me more interested to watch if I see something I want to watch on it, and it also tells me what I should probably skip. It's not that hard to avoid them if you don't want to know what happens, but I like to know beforehand if my time is going to be wasted or not.

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Heel Dixie is my pick, darlin'. I was going to go with heel Mickie until I took a trip to Dixieland not too long ago. Bless your hearts!!!!

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There's always a built in excuse, isn't there? Now people aren't watching Impact because of the shitty Redskins vs. the shittier Vikings? All of that stuff was going on before, and TNA had higher viewership numbers.

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The stips on the Anderson/Bully Ray match at Turning Point give away who's going to win IMO, but Aces & Eights has long outlived whatever usefulness it ever had. Not upset to see it go, TBH.

Who are they trying to get over? EC3 or the 2 scrawny jobbers? It seems like they're trying to get Dewey and Norv over more than EC3, even though they're losing. I'm wondering if the inspiration behind these two came from the jobbers Ryback went through during his squash phase as a face. They'd come out with a mic and heel it up before Ryback squashed them. I was just surprised that the E gave mic time to jobbers in the first place. As a comedy duo, those 2 guys might work. They should lose constantly and if they ever win, it should be by complete accident and treated like the greatest thing in the world just happened. I think TNA had to do this because the Bro-mans kind of held the tag team jobber spot, but now that they're the tag champs, their status has been upgraded.

I'm wondering if the Bad Influence stuff with Abyss is their way of reintroducing the TV title.

Gail Kim in an open challenge storyline.......nope, don't want to see that. Want to make this interesting? How about giving each girl some mic time before the match to get over as a face; basically a reverse of the Ryback squashes. Give the crowd a reason to cheer for the face and boo Gail for eventually winning. That way, when they inevitably bring along someone to finally beat her, it means a little more. Besides, I don't see the point in Tapa being with Gail if Gail's going to be winning clean with no Tapa interference.

I'll have to check out that Joseph Park promo.

Storm and Roode are going to have a bull rope match? So what does that entail? Is it like a strap match? Do you have to touch all 4 corners to win? Hmm.

Dixie dissing AJ Styles is one of my favorite parts of the program, lol.

Angle vs. Aries looks like Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling.

With that final segment, it looks like Garett Bischoff is on his way out of the company, too.

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Alright, I'm just gonna come out and say this.

It's good that you asked "what do you want out of pro wrestling" because I'm going to tell you; however, what I'm going to say should be no secret to anyone who has read my posts over the past 2+ years on this site. I'm not a stopwatch holder, I don't care how many moves a guy can do, I don't put an emphasis on workrate, I don't pay a great deal of attention to the indies, and I'm not impressed by COOL MOVEZ and SPOTZ. I admit this up front. What I will say is that when I watch pro wrestling, I watch primarily for the entertainment aspect. Always have, always will. I'm not a wrestling junkie per se, but I am a big fan of sports entertainment. That already puts me at odds with quite a few people on the internet, but that's fine with me.

I like characters and personality; the "wrestler" with the CAW look and the CAW name does nothing for me. Guys with no charisma do nothing for me. No personality? I don't want to see you. Guys who cannot grasp the concept of telling a story in the ring and just do a bunch of moves for the sake of doing them do nothing for me. Guys with no mic skills....well, my name gives it way, they do absolutely nothing for me. Like my description says, I have no patience for vanilla midgets and dialtone personalities. Wrestlers who have characters and personality impress me. Wrestlers with mic skills definitely impress me. I'll take a guy who is an A or a B+ on the mic even if he's a C in the ring, because those guys can get me interested in what they're going to do next.

This goes for the ladies, too. I honestly don't care how well a girl wrestles if she's unattractive to look at. Yeah yeah, give me the "go look at porn" argument, and then tell me how many ugly women you see on TV on a regular basis, in any capacity. Don't worry, I'll wait. That's not saying that I just like pretty faces; it helps if she can cut a promo, has personality and put forth a character herself. It's one of the reasons I'm not a Gail Kim fan. Yes, she's nice to look at, and she wrestles decently, but due to her being a charisma vacuum and possessing a lack of good mic ability, I find her so damn boring as a character. It's why I call her the Asian version of Michelle McCool.

TNA isn't consistent with storytelling in their matches, and this is where the E has an advantage over them. They'll put out a match like the Bully Ray/Anderson match at No Surrender, and then follow that up with matches that feel more like a collection of moves rather than a match with a distinct story flow to it; especially the X-division matches. This is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of the X-division. I'm not saying that the E has awesome storytelling in every match, but their big matches seem to tell a story much better.

What I want out of pro wrestling is actually simple. Personalities, promos, storylines, and storytelling in the ring when the time comes. It's a TV show with wrestling on it, not a wrestling show on television; there's a difference. The big matches can be saved for the PPV; I'd rather the weekly show was used to further angles and character development. Yes, that even means weekly shows that sometimes only have 1 or 2 matches on them, if at all. One of my favorite Impact episodes ever had 2, maybe 3 matches on it. Not that I was counting, because those 2 hours flew right by.

What I just wrote should be no secret to anyone who has read my posts during my time at TNAsylum, but there you have it. My philosophy on what I want out of pro wrestling in a nutshell. Sports entertainment may not work for the hardcore fan, but it sure as hell works for me.

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He plays for the Bengals? I didn't even know he was still in the league.

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What a curveball. I can't say that I like it, but I can't say that I hate it either. Not a name I was expecting, but Jeff Jarrett would've been way too predictable.

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I'm giving it to Mickie James. Her heel turn made for some hilarious promos. She had a couple of decent promo segments with Velvet too. She even made one of Gail Kim's promos memorable simply by being in the background and making faces to the camera while Gail spoke. Mickie was the best part of the promo, and her camera faces is one of my favorite GIFs.

Brooke Tessmacher would be 2nd. Putting DAT ASS in black leather was the best thing TNA could have done.

I'd go with Taryn and Velvet as tie for 3rd. Taryn showed some real promise earlier this year, and who knows where she would be now if she hadn't gotten pregnant.

Velvet's year was solid too, though. She was the champ for a good while, had a decent little program with Tara, and I enjoyed her feud with Mickie. Her current role, playing the reluctant face girlfriend/valet of heel Chris Sabin, isn't too bad either.

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I'm going to nominate the segment when Bully proposed to Brooke Hogan, right in front of Hulk and Sting. I actually liked that segment more than the wedding segment itself. I'd give the wedding honorable mention though.

The EGO HOF segment was quite hilarious too; great comedy segment.

I also liked the promo where Dixie turned heel and Dixieland was born, darlin. Bless your hearts.