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AJ Styles drives off with the title in Dixie's car

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Roode vs Styles sounds much better then Magnus vs Styles ;)

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That senile old man needs to stay far far far far far far away from TNA forever

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"This company just doesn't get it. They should focus on writing innovative storylines"

Making blanket statements without any suggestions on how to be innovative in a genre that has been on TV for 30+ years is totally and completely useless.


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Nah dude wwe gets credit for youth movement because they have young guys on TV, I shit you not. I was told this by wwe universe members.

Big show vs Orton and Cena vs ADR main eventing Survivor Series or the fact that the only young guys to actually get to main event a ppv in 2012 and 2013 was Punk and Bryan (in a one on one match) is irrelevant to these folks.

Just having fresh faces on TV is enough to convince people that wwe is doing a youth movement despite the fact it's the same guys and part-timers main eventing the ppvs. Funny TNA didn't get that same courtesy in 2007, 2008 or 2009.

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After The shield debuted, wwe stopped caring what the guys on NXT were doing. That's why ECIII fell through the cracks and got released. Plus Dean Ambrose really needed ECIII's finisher so one needed to go and it isn't going to be Ambrose.

wwe for some reason views Ambrose as this next big thing in the company.

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Gotta like Jessie's non-Kayfabe attitude (as he seem to mix both here) when it comes to his commitment to wrestling.

People mocked TNA for signing him but he has done well for himself in TNA so far.

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Um yeah they should. He is person non grata for wwe now, ROH is a BIG step back for him and TNA offers him a platform to give wwe a big fuck you every time he steals the show on spike TV.

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All Pro wrestling fans online want is to bitch about wrestling. They will take little things like Dixie (in character mind you) trolling on YouTube and blow it completely out of proportion. (Some schmuck said that Dixie video was TNA taking 100 steps back lol)

They want to see THEIR vision of pro wrestling on TV and when they don't get it, they will bitch about it because TNA or wwe can't cater to one specific fan. They want to see these dream scenarios play out on TV as amazingly as it does in their head. (You'll notice they want stories and feuds to run for months on end and still be interesting after all those months which is very difficult to achieve)

The wrestling fan online has so many rules that most of those rules contradict the other rules they have so in the end they have no choice but to bitch about something because the wrestling show broke one of their many many rules.

There is a reason why had so much material in my Crossfires to use when I mocked them because these people are such a joke that they can't help themselves but to say such stupid things.

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This is all because of Dixie's 27 second video and subsequent 2 minute and 40 second video this pats week. that's why the ratings stink.