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A couple of things are interesting about this:

1) Gulf stream jets for private travel somehow falls our defense spending appropriation.

2) The Air Force somehow has a need for these jets, but God forbid we actually supply them actual military aircraft so they can do the job they are actually paid for. How about buying them those cut F22's!!!!

3) THESE people are public servants, Why do they not travel in coach like the rest of us and get a reality check on what it is like to be the average american.

4) Finally, the hippes couldn't even wait a full year from the time the rip CEO's for use of Private Jets to the time that they "needed" to do the Same.

One more drop in the bucket proving the "Political Class" is absolutely insane.

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Democrats in D.C. say "You can keep your employer provided plan if you want"

It proves these LAWYERS forgot everything they had ever learned in any business classes they every took (if they actual took any).
A low cost provider that is subsidized by the government will quickly gain market share, no matter the industry. Assuming the quality and access to treatment is comparable; this will quickly become the fastest growing health insurance provider in the nation.
But....., there are just a few problems. If I keep my employer provided "free market economy" health coverage, I am increasing my tax base (THE COST, for you democrats that forgot economics), compounding the pull of a government program, and driving private industry farther from being competitively effective. Then there is the problem that this will be a government run agency. YUP another CZAR. Tell me, does anyone really think the government can run a business better than a private industry that has to be competitive and profitable? WE are a free market economy, striving for capitalism where the only services the government provides are those that a free market cannot.

Finally, how does the government plan to pay for it? READ MY LIPS..... BRAND NEW TAXES and TAX HIKES! So, further compounding my debt (that’s obligations, for the Democrat readership) to the federal government so I am forced to again search for cost saving measures and elect the government run program. This scam is amazing! Its as damaging as Bernie Madoff, except to the entire nation. I just don't believe that Madoff could have come close to design such a vicious scam.

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Bulldoze cities that are Failing? O... k....? But can we leave the memorials and museums in D.C., because I say we start there. That city (mainly the twits working in it) has got to be the biggest failure since betamax.

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Two American Journalist have been taken hostage by a dictator in mass pursuit of nuclear weapons. NK has more tests of the nuclear devices and their delivery systems on schedule. The UN in all its glory, has told them to stop (please stop, well if they want, they can Stop). Apparently Russia and China don't care about nuclear tests in their backyard, they know who the target is. KJI has basically given the bird to the World, and helped paint a big target on US.

Where is President B.O.?
Another Town hall meeting? Bowing to a foreign King? Commenting on the sports world? Nope. He is busy trying to raise taxes on anything he can get his hands on, taking over private firms, and releasing known terrorists.

Dear Mr. President, put down the sports section and tighten your belt. You took a job that requires tough, firm action. Especially when the peace and security of the American people and her allies are in jeopardy.

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"MAY" get added back to the terror list. Seriously. What does our government need to see to realize NK has evil intentions?

Do they need a receipt from them selling Nuclear Technology or worse a weapon? Does Hawaii have to glow first?
Does Japan have to experience another nuclear blast? Do the thousands of our Soldiers stationed in South Korea have to die or suffer from radiation poisoning first?

For the love of God! Deal with the evil that presents itself in plain view. Experience has taught us in many conflicts (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) that sometimes your enemy does overtly present themselves. If they do... strike first fast and hard.

The time for hoping evil will change its way is over. That hope ended with Hitler, Stalin, and Pol-Pot. America, Japan, the UN, Russia, China everyone must deal with the obvious threats to world peace or.... there will be none.

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When do the Book Burnings Start?

But then again, they already started with the constitution!

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Sadly, I think this is a slippery slope. Sure the Fed should be concerned with Viruses and Hackers, ask the VA if their info is 100% safe.

But calling out the drudge report as some huge source of internet security breach, is just another insult of the intelligence of the American people. This is clearly an attempt to silence opposition within the government by censoring any other opinion (truth) then the "version" being spewed by the B.O. Administration.

But, certainly they should direct employees to not surf! But, who are they kidding, that means not surf at all, Drudge is not the only website they shouldn't visit. No, No Ebay, No facebook and may I Dare say I don't Even want them on this site. They are on the clock dammit! Do the job they are being paid to do, or there are a million or so Laid Off Americans that will happily take over for the paycheck and benefits!

I DO NOT want one cent of my tax dollars to be spent on someones salary if they are not being productive! My money should pay for results not their personal enjoyment!

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Pay No Attention to that Man behind the Curtain! Or The Huge Budget We Just Past! Or that we just keep printing cash, eventually devaluing our own currency.

Ignore the fact that we are closing Gitmo.

Ignore our reduction in offensives against Terrorism (oops I said “that word”).

Ignore those silly pirates. Forget about those Al-Queso and Taliban insurgents that are attacking in Pakistan trying to secure, I don't know maybe a Nuclear Weapon.

Ignore Iran’s pursuit of a Nuclear weapon to wipe Israel of the Globe.

Pay no attention to the Fact that Commercial Lending Failure is around the corner and it will be more expensive to bail out then the Residential Crisis.

Can somebody tell me how this distraction is supposed to take precedence over the other concerns we have in this nation? We get the flu every year and unfortunately, there are fatalities or are we really facing a plague like Stephen King's "The Stand" this time.
I better stock up on Theraflu.

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This is about the only funny thing that has ever happened in Al's career.
Albeit it is tragic that this guy is getting elected, you still can't help but laugh in disbelief! This deserves one of those "Fleecing of America Specials" but it will never come because Al has a (D) next to his name.

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Just like in New York, how do you vote for an Sleeze ball that obviously moved to the area just to challenge a incubent for a political seat?

Are these people really that blind to the truth that the are TOTALLY being manipulated or do they just not care?
I don't get it.