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"He's an Asshole too sir. Gunners Mate first Rank, Muffins Asshole sir."

"Great, how many Assholes we got on this ship?"

(Half the crew turns and holler "YO!")

"I knew it...I'm surrounded by Assholes."


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And as expected for Dash, the math is sloppy XD

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You're able to delete your own comments, you don't need to ask a mod to do it n_n

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This is a privately owned site. That means we're allowed to decide who is allowed to speak and who isn't. and we're not interested in personal attacks on people.

I can understand why that would frustrate you, but the best I can advice is either accept we get to decide if personal attacks are okay (They're not) or go to another site.

Unfortunately, even on other sites, you'll still see that.

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cool note sonic, if you double-post you can delet your own comment n___n

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I get you want to promote your channel but posting the same thing on every post isn't the way to do it. If you keep this up you'll be banned. (don't make Fluttershy cry)

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I'm still in awe that it's their first story on the site. I also recommend the excellent McPoodle on fimfic. His writing style is incredibly similar.

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Her name is Sweet Velvet, you can find her on devart. I don't recall the creator or artist name.

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The purpose of the poll was to see what people's favourite worlds were. As an opinion, it doesn't necessarily need to be defensible, everyone's entitled to their opinion and you don't have to agree with them and they don't have to agree with you. Ease up on the personal attacks please.

A real world is a flexible concept in a show where the real world involves magic.

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That's fair and I can see why that would come across as hypocritical. We weren't trying to say everyone should buy the official episodes (Though we really think you should try as it's our best way to support the show. Money rules the wallets after all. n_n)

This post was more that poor Leon was really frustrated at the email ding showing up all over the place in what he felt were really good songs.