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Discord and Sombra: the new Abbott and Costello

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shhhhh, the magic of the free market will fix everything

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if you're so hypersensitive and unprofessional that you'll throw a fit and threaten to quit because someone said something you didn't like, then you have no business trying to be creative anyways, and you certainly have no business being someone on which other people must rely to get work done, so neither the My Little Dashie crew nor we are losing anything of value with your "resignation."

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sure you can. i am doing it right here, because you are, in fact, wrong. whether you have the talent/time/resources to make something yourself does not mean you don't have the ability to spot flaws in something else.

what's really selfish, though, is insisting that people with criticisms shouldn't voice them because for some reason they hurt your feelings. what's the old saying? deal with it.

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also, i really like how apparently nobody got that joke

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Rainbow Dash, like Batman, can breathe in space

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that's because the brony fandom has poured all its own traits into her. of course they relate to her; they in large part created her, and then read their own headcanon back into the show.

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why is she so popular? because the bronies have poured so many of their own traits into her (ex. Gamer Luna, miserable angstpot Luna, awkward outcast Luna, angry bloody grimdark princess Luna, etc) that now, when the character appears on the screen, they see that conglomeration of traits more than they see the character on the screen. the writers figured that out and put together a characterization of her in "Luna Eclipsed" that would give every one of them something to cheer about.

she's the bronies' creation and the bronies don't generally seem to realize that. which also means if they flesh her out in any definitive way, it will piss off some group of Luna partisans.

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spoken like a true emotionally stunted preteen