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I'm curious why this video has been removed... this is an outrage that this Congressman can behave like this, receive LITTLE TO NO coverage on the MSM and trounce around as if there are no consequences.

This is MADDENING... I cannot believe this is happening in my United States of America. People have no values or care nothing for their fellow American, its beginning to make me sick.

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I keep seeing posts about this and need to make a top level post regarding the number of people on this site.

Its really no fault of your own, just a slightly technical answer. That number you see about the membership of this site is actually an IMAGE that is created by someone every so often and MANUALLY UPDATED. You can tell if you right click on it and go to its properties or inspect the element on the layout of the page. So it doesn't reflect the exact number of people but is merely a snapshot of the number of people that were members upon time that the picture was updated by someone administrating it.

Just an FYI!

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Just keep in mind - if Obama's out of control policies of trying to take over the private sector, become one with Transnationalism, drive our country into a debt we couldn't get out of in thousands of years, etc etc etc... fail - then we as the true Americans - SUCCEED.

That is all.

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When it comes to being certain that man-made global warming doesn't exist. Yes, I am very certain. Not just because I stand against Liberals... but because REAL data from studies conducted by for instance the University of Wisconsin, and other legitimate research has shown that since 2001 we have actually been in a COOLING period and will continue to be for a long while to come. Don't you think its pretty peculiar why no proponent of global warming will sit down and have a debate with someone who opposes that view? I sure do. They are approached with real scientific data and turn their heads, without even an attempt to dispute it with their "facts". Also, look into the ice on our poles. You will find some interesting articles that dispute what the media has made you believe.

The research is out there, you have to make sure you're pulling from a legitimate source however. Some of these readings they use is to take a segment of time that pushes what they believe to be a key element in their argument. They use it out of context and push it upon you and I as proof. The fact is, cycles exist, warming - cooling, dry - wet when you look over a long enough period of time. There is only so much written history for people to go by, yet these folks base their predictions off of ALREADY PREDICTED DATA! In essence they are modeling data off already modeled data! Building a house upon the sand comes to mind when I think of that.

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Nuclear Winter - very good point about that. I am going to agree that a Nuclear winter would change the face of the earth... BUT only temporarily (a big but), based on my beliefs and what I previously stated, the earth would return to its pristine condition in a lot less time than what we would think. It would take awhile, but it would. That is the inherent reasoning behind the whole man-made global warming. How can we "DESTROY" something like the earth of which our little minds cannot comprehend the scale of such a thing. Do these talking heads about the ozone ever mention what effect the SUN has? I'll bring this point to the head again... how could we be so hotheaded (no pun intended) to think that we could hold a candle to whatever the Sun decides to press upon our earth? Even that point is leaning on a belief that I do not hold, and that is that we have ANY effect on the climate at all... but it is a good way of getting the point across.

Now, if I had no faith in God and what God created for us, then I would believe the world to be as mortal as we are and that it just formed itself accidentally for us. Then I would also believe that I morphed from a tadpole to my current human state (read. evolution). But since I believe the world was created by the hand of God, and is infinitely complex in its ways... then no, I do NOT believe whatsoever that the world could be destroyed.

These statements are based on extremes... lets bring it back down to the NOW. Breathing, cows farting, industry shooting CO2 into the air... it doesn't sound so major does it? Even on the scale we're talking about when we refer to the world's population. CO2 is required gas for plants to grow and exert O2, of which WE need to be able to breathe.

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I whole-heartedly agree with you on conservation where appropriate. As a Conservative, I and I pretty much have no way of confirming but the majority of other Conservatives are for the same thing. Only when conservation becomes about political profiteering, activism, and out of control regulation does it become a rebels game.

I hate the flaming word "Green" and everything it stands for. I will NEVER call myself green. However, I may use these stupid bulbs because they last a lot longer than incandescent (use them some places in my house, not all), or I might like to drive a car with higher gas mileage because its easier on my wallet... NOT BECAUSE I THINK I'M GOING TO SAVE A FEW INCHES OF ICE somewhere in the Antarctic! I'm not so foolish as to believe that I, as a human being, can destroy this planet and change the climate due to innovations we have made as the God created humans we are.

It is selfish to believe that, I think... that is because the notion of man induced Global-warming and "Climate Change" is a macro-issue that is so far outside of our imaginations that we can't even wrap our minds around it. Micro-issues, issues that we CAN control - ridding of excellent farmland to put up public housing for people who live off our tax money, etc. Pouring toxic waste into streams and rivers that house great ecosystems... stuff like that is within our control to stop. However, when it comes to infringing on our Natural rights as Human beings... as activists do on a regular basis (think spotted-owl), that is when the micro issues step outside their scope and become infringements which again I believe to be beyond the pale.

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Its ridiculous what is spewed from his mouth and I am fed up. I am fed up as an American, I am fed up as a father, I am fed up as a Husband... ss a son, a brother, cousin, nephew, uncle and CITIZEN of this wonderful country. Anyone who disagrees with what this site stands for and what movement we are trying to perpetuate, is either unknowingly ignorant, or is blatantly unAmerican as we know it. There is no more middle ground. How can you disagree with Amnesty for 30 million illegal Aliens when we have Legal Citizens that spent precious time and money to come here legally. When Illegals come onto our soil and harrass our very citizens, then get better treatment than you could ever imagine - both medically and politically. Why are WE treated as criminals and the unlawful immigrants treated as royalty and invited with no strings attached! THINK ABOUT IT! We need to wake people up, we are literally running out of time.

We are a BLESSING TO THE WORLD. Why should we be degraded by our own "leader" when he is touring the globe while we sit here and have no say in our government because of the lifer-like mindset of our representatives.

It saddens me to no end what I have seen this country come to.

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Don't forget about the credit card industry either!

BO wasn't meeting with the top dogs in the CC industry to talk about the recent NCAA tournament that's for sure! I completely agree with what you are saying in regards to they know EXACTLY what they are doing. Its not about policy at this point whatsoever. They do NOT HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS of America in mind! Don't let some silly Liberal tell you that... even if they disagree with what he is doing but "give him a chance"... just say "NO!". If they had the best interests of America in mind they wouldn't be talking Amnesty! They wouldn't be taking over industries as fast as you can say "laissez faire!". They wouldn't be talking about Cap and Trade that will raise your electric bill by %50-100% and saying it's a good thing because we'll just use less of it so it won't cost too much more! They wouldn't be going to foreign nations and apologizing for our God bestowed American History and what it has done to the Dictator's and Communists of the world while ignoring what it has done for the free Democracy of the world and its economy. America's history should slap BO on the side of his cocky face.

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Aside from Fox, you have a LARGE mainstream media entity that does their tried and true best to make us feel alone.

I believe, single-handedly, they are the largest roadblock in any movement that we are drumming up. Slowly but surely they are seeing the results of their narrow mindedness. Instead of doing their job they throw out their opinions and decide what and what not to cover in order to move their agenda and their liberal allies. I'm talking about the LARGE majority of Newspapers, the large multi-channel networks on TV, magazines everywhere, and then even pop culture.

I agree with your notion about America being for the most part, Conservative. EVEN IF THE INDIVIDUALS do not realize. Its so easy for some of these folks that waiver on certain issues for the Liberalist agenda to seem sympathetic and the "caring" outlook since that is how they are covered in the media. That individual, unless they wake up, is then spoon fed the information that the media WANT them to hear.

Its all about perception. I'm convinced. NOBODY asked for a "ruler" like B.O. is turning out to be. I knew it could/would happen - just like most of you - but it just FELT GOOD for the emotional left to elect a piece like this.

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I like your use of the the word "thing". This is something I've really stressed to myself, I refuse to call him "My Presi@#%". He does NOT represent me in any single inkling of a way. As a matter of fact he stands for EVERYTHING I oppose. He is taking us down the road of no return...