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I don't think Skyward Sword bosses were easy. I think on the second playthrough every boss is much easier, but that is because we already understand the method to beating them.

SS' bosses required a fair amount of thinking, planning and patience to defeat them. I don't think any title from the franchise so far has bosses that can compare. :)

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Off-topic, but Skyward Sword WON the G4 video game deathmatch against Revelations!

Brilliant article as always, Djinn.

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I would also like to know this. Me gusta the figurines, but like all good figurines, they'll probably cost over 9,000 bucks each. :<

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I heard from someone that Skyward Sword was demolishing Revelations with about an 80% to 20% ratio.

I'm unsure of the current stats, but if SS is able to defeat Skyrim AND Arkham City, it'll have no problem taking down Assassin's Creed.

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Young Link is apparently more bad-ass than Adult Link. Looks like those seven years of sleep didn't do Link any good.

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Seems like the comic is staying true Skyward Sword's plot line. Usually the best fan comics will never deviate too much from the franchises they're based on. :)

And very much like SS, the artist uses a watercolor impressionist style. Props to the artist. (And do I see Moldarach's tail?)

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I'm impressed by Triforce's devotion to the Zelda franchise, and I would imagine it's pretty damn hard to always get in line first at a game release.

Looks like you have some competition, Mases.

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It's always a shame when you learn that a certain feature was omitted from the end product of a game, but the developers know what they're doing. I'm sure they had very good reasons for discarding it.

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That, my friends, is the power of science. I applaud the geniuses that were somehow able to play Zelda using electricity.

Zelda + Science = Win

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Fi gives you an analysis on enemies, can sometimes be helpful when you don't know where to go, she gives advice, etc.

And people mostly ignore this, but Fi always points out where your next destination is between sequences. If she didn't tell Link where to go, then he wouldn't even be able to get past the Faron Woods.