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This post is so eloquently written, and its information is impeccable! Your writers here are so talented!

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Great article, Mr. Dorkly. Was fun to work on it with you. ;)

The HMS is certainly an interesting character, to say the least. It would be fun to see him return again in a future title!

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That was because during the original recording, the sound was very, very low. Neither of us could hear it at first.

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Um, no, you do not have to. A lot of the staff members just have their first name available on the Staff Page, but you most certainly do not need to use a last name or specific location, etc. Most of the staff members are on a first-name-basis though. It's a pretty tight-knit kind of thing. :)

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My personal favorite was Spirit Tracks. I did play ST before PH, and PH just seemed a bit rehashed to me after that. I liked the return of some of The Wind Waker's characters in both. That was cool to me.

Great article, Azure. Love to see it posted. :)

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I actually never preordered my copy. I walked into a Gamestop in a considerably big town, and walked out with a copy of OoT 3D. Now, I believe the clerk told me there were 4 copies available for purchase, which is not including the preorders. So, I think I lucked out. =D

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This is gonna be epic... How could you not want to buy OoT 3D? One of the best games ever, in your pocket!

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Hello, oh oh oh!

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I can accept that much. With a legit timeline, half of the Zelda theory would have no purpose, after all. They don't need to release a full timeline, but it'd be cool to have other little things tie in to other games, like little Easter eggs and stuff. Anything to add fuel to the never-ending debate. :D

I haven't really played the original four Zelda games (LoZ-LA), and have played very little of OoX, and the FS games. Therefore, this is the best I have atm:

(Child timeline) SS - OoT - MM - TP
(Adult timeline) SS - OoT - TWW - PH -ST

Not sure where MC goes. Right now, I pretty much have the bones of the timeline. :P

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Hello. This is my comment.