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Most of those Arabs would want to live under Israeli sovereignty, but I bet that only a small fraction of those would be willing to fight in the IDF to preserve it.

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Well, when governments engage in money printing, prices rise. America is printing money, China is printing money to keep up with America, since their currency is pegged to the dollar. Of course there are other factors involved, but is it any wonder that prices are rising when governments are overheating the printing presses?

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"Progressives believe they are well intended. They could be bbq babies and kicking puppies but that doesn't matter - they think they are well intended because of who they are so any action they commit is NOT morally wrong. "

That is not quite true. They think even their evil actions are well-intended because they are for some sort of noble cause. Devestate poor countries by stilfing growth, but that's OK, because they're saving the climate. Steal other people's money and redistribute it, but that's OK because they're helping the poor. Ration medical care and deny drug access, but that's OK because they're just trying to make sure everyone gets treated and nobody gets hurt. And when people in Africa die of smoke-inhalation related causes because they had to cook over a wood stove due to energy regulations, when the rich disappear and the poor are as poor as ever, when a cancer patient dies because the waiting list for his surgery was too long or the drug that would have cured him was blocked by the FDA... none of them notice. And none of them care.

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Wow, the trolls have really attacked this one in force, haven't they.

I have no problem with American Jews who want to join the IDF. They won't have to fight the US. They won't have to go against US interests to fight in the IDF. And for those who are making allusions to Pollard, don't you think it'd be pretty d*mn dumb for someone who wanted to spy against the US for Israel to openly join the IDF before entering their subsequent career in the US armed forces or the CIA (assuming of course, that this kid even wants to join the US armed forces or the CIA)?

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To be fair, I do not believe Alinsky ever engaged in an act of actual terrorism. Though if you read Rules for Radicals, there are some pretty crazy stunts outlined in there which, while not actually illegal, certainly follow the spirit of an attack if not the letter.

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It's the part where Danneskjold gives rearden the bar of gold, and calls Robin Hood the moral ideal that has to be destroyed, because he's held up as a champion of need and the poor, rather than justice and the productive.

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There were plenty of women studying hard sciences in the days of the shah, but that didn't make the shah's regime any less tyrannical.

80% of honor killings occur in Muslim families. 90% of FGM cases also occur in Muslim families. Are those facts sufficiently conclusive for you?

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And remember that Iran has been a thorn in the sides of Musilm powers as well, not just Western ones. It engaged in terrorism against the Saudis in the 80s, if I remember correctly, and of course they made the iran-Iraq war much bloodier and more vicious than it needed to be if the only goal was to defend Iranian territory. So while it would never benefit a Muslim leader to rail against a Muslim regime in public, there are plenty of reasons why other Muslim leaders (especially ones who are viewed as selling out to the West in one way or another, or who are viewed as not "Islamic" enough) would privately wish for the problem of Iran to go away.

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I believe that the Saudis and others were sincere when they confided in private that they'd like America to strike Iran. Your main argument seems to be that public and private statements do not always match, and when they don't, it's the public statement that usually dictates a country's actions. I agree with this, but think you're missing something. The public statement may dictate their actions, but it doesn't necessarily dictate what they actually want to happen. Nobody doubts that if America actually struck at Iran, that these leaders would then go in public and denounce the US for their evil imperialist actions. But that's not the same as being angry about it in private.

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When I was at a gun store, the guy working there told me that obama the best gun salesman they've ever had.