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Still Magical Coat here, just a different name.
What you're saying, I know very well as I have discovered this feeling. These feelings can cause their own problems, and it can be hard to find solutions. The best way is to try to find another person like that, that you feel that comfortable with and let them in. It won't be easy, but you'll find a way as you become closer with that person. It'll take a while too, but the longer it goes on, the easier and better it'll feel. Feel well, my friend.

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There are people who know how to act, and they'll be apparent. Things will be fine.
It'll be okay.

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I love you, Polar. Your sweetness, lovingness and kindness, how could I not, but right now you need to rest, rest and just focus on feeling as free as possible, anyway you can. You being sick definitely need to be on the shelf, and with the stress same thing. I'm glad you'll be resting up and just being with yourself and not stressing about helping people, you need the rest, you DESERVE the rest. Although I know the feeling of trying to do things for others despite things with yourself and the toll it causes. Sadly I have yet to find a way around this, but won't stop in helping you.

You are important, very important, no matter you do, or anything that happens, nothing will change your importance. You're allowed to rest yourself, sleep and relax. You can always take a break from helping those to help yourself, you deserve to show yourself all the love you and care you show others. Take all the time you need to feel better, you deserve it more than anyone. With all that's happening, all that's going and all that's happened, just keep taking your rest, and rest as much as you like. Be there for you, you righteous girl of glory and amazingness. Stay safe and do what you want to make yourself happy, in any situation.

I'll always be around to try to brighten you up while your in the darkness, even if I may appear late. I have no problems with doing what I can for you at all. You mean a great deal to me, and nothing in this world can change that.

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Happy birthday, Polar!

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Thank you, that makes me very happy to hear, and I'll continue to be that to you as long as I can.

Don't worry too much on my end things vary here pretty often, but most of the time they're fine.
I understand that feeling when everything just goes down and you more or less lose yourself. A routine will be good, and a sleep journal will be a good way to try to keep your thoughts nice and calm.
I feel the same way, I love sleep as well. I hope too that my suggestions can help you sleep, it's a fun thing, and you deserve to have as much of as you need, as easily as you want!

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I always feel like, somebody's watching me, and I got no privacy! Oh wow oh!
That came to my head and I let it come out. I'm pretty sure you already do, but a thing that can help even a little is someone to spill your guts to and let it all out. Someone you absolutely trust. It'll at least help with some of it.
The stress is an issue that I have faced myself, and led me to some bad places. Sadly I have not found away around the stress yet, hence why I can still feel the desire to die at times. All I've found is to try to just lay down and not think about anything, which is easier said then done.

It may surprise you who to actually open up to when it comes to things like that, I'll never tell my family about how I feel about anything, but I have a friend of mine I almost always will. There are just still times where I feel pointless and stupid and should just be by myself.

My family constantly puts me at odds with wanting to live and wanting to die, but I don't live for them, I live for my friends, the people who care about me, and who I care about. I'm glad you've got people like that in your life.

Whenever they do hound you about, mention that you need help doing it, that's why I do and it works more or less, just depends on who's telling me.
The sleep time anxiety with you is very strong, what I do for it is try thinking of things I do enjoy. I used to do that a lot before to try to dream about whatever it is.

That wouldn't be good either, I've thought the same, and tried for a bit before a friend of mine got me to actually take care of my body.
The hurt and pain that is felt in the mind the mind has trouble removing. It needs other minds to fix itself, to keep it in check. The minds of many are with you.

Thank you if you took the time to read all this.

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You're right, a lot has happened and been overcome. Overall and through we remain together, even with roadblocks around all of us.

Polar is indeed a great friend, it's why I want to try to do all I can for her. Everything you say here is true, we love you, Polar, you matter a lot to us, and always will.

*joins hug*

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You could be very vague about things, say more of the happier feelings to just try to make it through.
I can understand not wanting to lie but not wanting to say anything. It's somewhat possible to do.
My devotion to helping you will stay for as long as it needs to, even with how little it may look.
Forever loving and respecting everything.

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It'll go well, and you have many people around for anything you may need.

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Don't be sorry, it's how you're feeling. I want to listen to you, about anything. You're feelings about things, this given feeling, I'm not sure what I can do for it. In my experience talking is the answer. Talking to someone you have complete faith in to really listen, and make you feel at least a little bit more comfortable.

I will always be around through all this, I just wish I could be around you more to try to just be even a bit of help.
Even if it's just a sort of punching bag. You're a friend, a good friend, and no matter what I want to help.
Nothing past or present is going to stop me from trying with what I have, which is just my ears (Or eyes currently).
But I'll use them to their full extent to be here for you.
You're not pathetic, you're great, and I'll keep saying it for as long as I have to, non stop if I need to. Whatever it takes.
I'm not a forceful person, I want you to do things of your own free will, and I respect your decisions. But I'll still keep trying to talk to you about things, even if it's hard for me to work up the courage to try.