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Splash reminds me a little of Kimi Sparkle from Friendship is witchcraft team.

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Spike is an assistant.

He was never meant to spearhead his own episodes because it just clashes with how we've seen him act before. He doesn't have the presence to carry an episode without a lot of help from the "terrible" jokes department and a lot of existential angst.

Spike episodes are usually met with mixed reviews because there's no real clear goal for Spike to attain. And sadly in this show there just isn't enough room for a mere side character like Spike to properly develop into an adult.

Now that they've joined the concept of
Spike's growth = greed
(from his Spikezilla episode)
They've essentially killed his development stone dead ages ago.

Personally, If I could make the decision I'd write him out of the show entirely.
Just toss him into Dragon college in some far off continent, or turn him into a villain already.

He'd make a great villain, every one of the mane six has treated him like trash from the get go. His own achievements are ignored by most ponies, even Twilight sometimes.
What few achievements he has...I mean even his fantastic organisation skills and assistance to Twilight have been rewritten as Spike being clutzy/selfish.

No offence meant to Spike fans...if those still even exist anymore. :/

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Brace yourselves

Litigation is coming.

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And this is what happens when you post charity fundraisers to a website like EqD.
It inevitably isolates the people who also need help but don't have the "social" attachments to get anyone to notice them.

I love EqD I really do, but sometimes I have to question the wisdom behind posting things like this.

Goodness knows there's probably thousands of people also worthy of getting an extra thousand dollars or so but will they get personal fundraisers in support of them?
Hell no.

Why? Because it's not news if someone with a medical condition needs better facilities, it is news when it's something flashy like someone getting involved in a hit and run or a convention stranding the attendees.

This inclusion of real life news has it's advantages but also runs significantly higher risks due to the subject matter not being animated colours moving across a screen but real people.

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The negative attitudes aren't helped by your own post highlighting some of the negative traits of reviewers when that's not a clear representation of the whole set of videos.

You can't just tell people to be nice after you go and claim things like
"A lot of these guys nitpick stuff that makes me wonder if they have even been watching the same show as the rest of us for the past few years."

I mean seriously?

Would you post some songs and say "well jeez some musicians could learn a thing or two about mixing I mean do they think they're professional or something? but ignore the scrubs and enjoy the good stuff".

The kind of reaction you'll get to your posts will be affected by what you say.

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To be fair, when an auction for an item is posted to a site like EqD and it's relevant and well made it's obviously going to massively increase in price.

I can't help but wonder if this chick knows someone at EqD and needed to make a quick buck.

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People are clutching at straws as to why it's breaking up but I think it's pretty clear.

What was once a fun activity that their volunteers delighted in eventually became a chore. People have other interests and projects they want to do.
It says as much in the announcement
"I want to stress that this decision was in no way based on any drama, financial concern, or other conspiracy, but instead it reflects our collective need for the time and energy to focus on newer, bigger, and better projects."

I'll be sad to see them go, I enjoyed their episode reviews quite a lot and it'll be hard to find other good reviewers :(

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You mean Internet Exploder.

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"EquestriaLA invited David Tennant, but ran out of clopfics and had to cancel."

"The Perler Pony and WoodenToaster hold coming out as panel at Nightmare Nights, Ashleigh Ball officiates. Attendees throw cease and desists at the happy couple."
Dem C&D's are getting everywhere now.

"Silver Quill and Alex S. hold bar/bat mitzvah as panel at MLP-MSP, Lauren Faust officiates. Attendees throw clopfics at the happy couple."
I bet they would.

"The Perler Pony and Snapai forget to draw Rarity's horn on EquestriaLA's con book cover, instead drew cease and desists."
I don't even.

"Scandal! BlackGryph0n divorces Shining Armor as their waifu, Babs Seed fans enraged."

"Dusty Katt suspected of using pirated cease and desist, as reported by WTVY This Morning."
Why would you even pirate a cease and desist? I don't...

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#35 because you're worth it.