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What, pray, is painful about the overhang? Rear overhang is what makes classic wagon proportions and classic wagon utility. Hack off inches from the rear and pretty soon you don't have a wagon anymore. Morbid fear of rear overhang is messing up car design big time right now. I agree that these "Box Wagons" are in the range of the right size. The 1965-68 Ford full size wagons would be an equivalent.

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Hopefully some Mustang restorer grabbed that disc brake rear from that Versailles.

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Whoa. I'll drive that '60 Corvair all day, swing axles and all, before getting astride that thing.

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I had one of the knockoffs too, I think the brand name was Derby, with the 3-speed stick setup. Despite not being a real Sting Ray it provided adequate neighborhood cred.

Ultimately, we couldn't resist the urge to modify the bikes. Crazy high sissy bars were one accessory you could buy. Others were strictly DIY including various methods for extending the front forks. I remember one where the fork was extended using two pieces of twisted wrought iron from an old porch or stair railing.

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Is today April 1?

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Hmmm. The poor visibility from the helm is fixable, just by bolting in an elevated seat for the captain and moving the works upward accordingly. It's not as easy to fix the fact that it has all the aerodynamics of a brick. Wouldn't the boat be a handful in any kind of significant wind?

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Works just fine at the other end of the car too -- '64 Corvair here:

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Oh dear, if only I could teleport that about 600 miles east. When I was house hunting in Philly earlier this year, I did find something kinda-sorta like that listed at about $150K. The shop part was actually a bit larger, but with almost no surrounding open parking area. The house part was definitely not in habitable condition, and the neighborhood was extremely dodgy, and it was on an extremely high traffic street that would be very unpleasant to live on.

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Glad you liked that Fairlane. Those guys are my old comrades from Savannah before I moved back north. I drove it in its first appearance in spring 2013 where we spent more time off the track than on. Since then they have done a lot of sorting out of that car and have been doing very well. There's a bit of a '64 rivalry going on with the Dart folks.

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Anyone else see a whole lot of '61 Plymouth in the front end?