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A note for Mark, since it keeps coming up:
Chaffinch is pronounced Chaffinch. (Like the bird, as this is a reference to Bullfinch's - also a type of bird - mythology.)
It was Roland's surname, Chumsfanleigh (pronounced Chuffley) that had the unintuitive pronunciation. This is a reference to real surnames pronounced completely unlike the are spelled, such as Cholmondeley, pronounced Chummly.

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For more information about Hareraiser see this talk by Stuart Ashen:

[youtube ouvi-fwrfIY youtube]

(Which I'm guessing WillR113 has seen, as they've covered all the major points of the nonsense that went on, but it is well worth watching as Ashens is a very funny man.)

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But what use would 10 million years of sound be to anyone? And how would you tell? The disc isn't old enough to fill it, and even if it were, establishing it was actually 10 million years and not 100 years playing on a loop (since there doesn't seem to be any sort of readable interface described) just by listening seems pretty impossible. (It seems quite tricky for 10 years as well, but given we know dwarves can live to be more than 200, at least a little bit possible someone who was dedicated to studying one could establish the limit.)

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Pooh-Sticks is also played by many real people - or at least I grew up playing it, and still do if I'm walking with someone and we come across a stream with a bridge. Our winner was always the one that emerged from under the bridge first.

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Also Vimes does this specifically because AE wants to ask relatively petty questions just after Vimes has found out that one of his men is dead and just before a riot is about to take place. If AE has immediately apologised after he found out what was going on and said of course his questions could wait until afterwards, I don't think Vimes would have done anything. Vimes wants AE to understand the seriousness of the situation (and the general sort of situation that coppers face) before making judgements. It's still cruel, but it's cruelty to a purpose.

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They were part of the Fresh Start Club, with Windle Poons, Reg Shoe and various other differently alive folks.

Arthur became a vampire through inheritance from a distant relative. Since he was thoroughly working class, his wife's insistence on adopting the 'Vampire' lifestyle, which is distinctly aristocratic, was a class-based joke/commentary at the time.

What kind of commentary it has now become, with black-ribboners standing in for both minorities and recovering addicts/alcoholics, while still being generally upper-class, well-connected and wealthy, is an exercise best left to the individual reader.

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I think it's the mountains of letters.

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Inigo Skimmer from 5th Elephant was another such scholarship boy.