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I do see what you're saying, but to me, neither of those older pics really look like the actors have gone through the same kind of life that Sam Vimes had, you know? Simms in particular looks like he has had a pretty decent life, all-told - though I could be wrong. I scanned his wiki page, but I might have missed something.

Eastwood is a little easier to picture, insomuch as he does seem more "Vimes"y to me (YMMV.) That being said, I did find this portrait that Rob Perry did of him (I googled Clint Eastwood with eyepatch):

And honestly? I don't see it, though of course YMMV again. (And, of course, this is just an artist's interpretation of Clint Eastwood at this time, not an accurate representation, etc. etc. etc. but this is more how I feel like a Eastwood-Keel/Vimes would look.)

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That's also true. Isn't smoking supposed to age you somewhat? There are a lot of reasons Vimes might might not be recognizable, even if they're not made explicit in the text.

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Well… yeah. Age + scar + eyepatch isn’t the greatest disguise in the world.

Well, plus some stubble, probably - it's been at least a day (?) since he last shaved his face. I think?

Honestly though, what I wonder is how many times Vimes has broken his nose. I think, if my 46 year old self popped into existence right now, I'd recognize her. I have a distinctive (to me) nose shape and a couple of facial markings that I would note. If Vimes's nose gets broken at any time between the two Sams, that could change the topography of his face enough that he wouldn't be immediately recognizable. I know that isn't specifically mentioned in the book, but IDK, I'd find it plausible.

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I can only speak for myself, but I'm a rather larger woman, and I've worn a corset before. Depending on the fit, it can really take off a lot. The fat is easy to redistribute, and it can lead to a bit of a bosom, depending on how things are arranged. Alternatively, it can be redistributed down to the hips, which would be hidden under that large skirt. I can see it. :V

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Thanks! I was hoping they'd be posted here, since I love reading the discussions, but ah well!

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I like The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede. They're not quite the same, being more standard fantasy w/o the social commentary? But they have a sort of irreverent humor that I enjoy, and that reminds me sometimes of Pratchett's works.

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I love Carrot's sincerity. I've seen some commentary on him/his relationships that tends to assume that what other people think he's thinking is what he's really thinking, and I can't really buy that; I think it's more interesting when what-people-think-he's-thinking reflects them rather then him.

If that makes sense lol.

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Exactly! :D

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Not necessarily; it could genuinely just be a building with short steps. Some of the buildings in my school have them, because the school was built back in the early 1900 (I believe), and they were built with women's fashions in mind. Depending on the fashions of early Tharios, I could see 3 inch steps being plausible.

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Well, for one, if he'd gone catatonic, he wouldn't have been chasing after Chime, and there's a high chance other people would have gotten involved + Tris might have gotten some heat for it (and might have felt more guilty about it?), however that's not what happened, so...

Yes, but the other point I'm trying to make is, it escalated because Tris escalated it. She's the one who immediately snapped at him, and accused him of lying. She's the one that dismissed him multiple times, instead of acknowledging that maybe he at least thought he was telling the truth.

Tris was acting like Tris, but we've seen before that that does hurt people, and the people acting like it was totally a good thing are rubbing me the wrong way, because even if it was in character, that doesn't make the character right in their actions/choices, and I wish it was acknowledged more in the book that maybe she was a little bit in the wrong in this confrontation.