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I just watched it today, having taped hours on C-Span last night. I had to rewind it a couple times, but I'm pretty sure he accidentally reversed the order of this headline. I know it was a mistake, so I'm glad the crowd still cheered. He's a very good, easy-going speaker, not as stiff or robotic as some others. I also liked how he said he just drank Clint Eastwood's water. :) I do believe we will have a President Rubio someday.

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Things are gonna get uglier as the Ds go even further off the rails. Ugly & Hilarious.

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Well, I'm sorry about your job, but it certainly DOES sound like you're smelling like a rose now! That must be so nice to spend all that time with your little boy. Congratulations on that, by the way!! I'm glad you & your family can make it work, since there's still an income. I'll eventually have to go back to work when my savings get low (or I get way too bored), unless I find Prince Charming pretty soon! Haha. :|

Well, I'm headed up to WI for a little while, why not while I have the time. Thanks for chatting and I will definitely take you up on your offer if I can't find anything after actually trying. Take care and see you around Navy Gent!

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I agree about Rahmbo's influence, but ever since my conservative "awakening" not too long ago (2006-ish), I hated working for a Daley-owned company anyway. All the comments I saw in the Trib & Sun Times from people that said McD deserved it, I agreed with! It just sucks that the big guys at the top are still there raking in the $$, while engineers like me, who actually did good work and had no idea about the corruption, are jobless. So F 'em! :) Anyway, now that I have all this time and the money saved up to take alot of time off, I should try to get involved more, especially in this election year. Are there any local orgs/tea parties you would recommend?

3 1/2 years? I'm sorry. Can I ask what you do? Or would like to do? I might have connections.

Best wishes to you too, and I would never thumb down a Chi-Town resident daring to tell the truth. :)

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Hi ChiTT. Thanks for reaching out. Things started going bad at work a while ago (McDonough Associates - it was in all the local papers) and then I lost my job in the beginning of July. So I've been feeling a bit down - only skimming headlines, not participating much, just giving thumbs up or down. I think it will help to get back into Navy Gent, though! Hope you're doing well yourself!

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Yep! Nice to see everyone again. Now, don't expect TOO much from the SNL eppy, it's just not totally offensive and unfunny this time. :)

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:) You know, I just signed up to win 4 Sox tix when i had to renew my stupid car sticker. I guess they are trying to make it less painful to take our money just for having a damn car in the city.

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My pleasure, OCP. I haven't had anything nice to say about that show in a long time, so it was refreshing. I'm sure it's On Demand or online somewhere. Keep up the good work - I always like your comments. :)

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I heard it was either the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities. /sarc. My first thought was imported protesters, but what would they be doing all the way down there? And yeah, "youths" is starting to take on a whole new meaning for me. Seems like the local vermin are running rampant since the CPD are all concentrated on NATO. Can't wait to see what news I wake up to tomorrow.

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Haha! Awesome reply. Why aren't they arresting EVERYONE with bottles and caps laying around their homes? Daily Caller has them as Occu-turds, too.