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So I'm guessing Bronycon is dead now thanks to Babscon?

I mean, I wanted to meet the people behind the show, and seems like Babscon is where that's at :/ too bad that's way too far for me to go.

One day...

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HOLy -- these applejack fans are ****ing insane. Just for a background pony joke... I lost most if not all my respect for applejack fans in this post :/

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I want an episode of Fluttershy's family so badly, or anything to give us more information about her background.

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NO. Do not even think about wanting disney to do anything MLP related.

Why? because they are the big daddys of copyright strikes, if they get their hand into the MLP brand in anyway, good bye half of the fan-made content. You guys think Hasbro is evil with their C&D? Oh boy, Hasbro is a saint compared to disney on that regard.

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hey! may 5 is my birthday!


Thanks to the last movie, I love Sunset Shimmer now.

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I thought DHX wasn't working on the movie? I thought it was some weird studio who's name I forgot.

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I think the latter is still a legitimate reason.

You wouldn't want to support a person that openly supports hate agaisn't you afterall. Which is what he pretty much has done.

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Wow bro, don't be mad.

Afterall, there's enough people mad about the C&D itself.

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OH MY GOD. THey are finally doing it...

We have been asking for main comics focusing on background ponies, and they are finally delivering!

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Twilight Kingdom was bad though.