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I'm with those who feel that the issue isn't that unicorns are overpowered, but rather the problem is more those characters who are written as "overpowered", and those instances (more specifically Magic Duel and the Starlight Glimmer episodes) are those instances that end up giving regular unicorns a bad name.

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(researches Sunset Shimmer's Japanese voice actress)

We need a fan art of Sunset Shimmer vs. Trixie Kill la Kill style ASAP!!!

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As much as I'm not into Equestria Girls, I'd pick up the Fluttershy pack for Angel.

He may be a jerk, but he's an adorable one. :D

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Definitely get the theme of the DVD (with all the episodes having a non-Mane Six Pony among the Mane characters).

BTW, it will be interesting to see the reactions of those who haven't seen Season 5 when they get to The Mane Attraction and notice that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sporting Cutie Marks.

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3. Proof that Sweetie Belle is spending too much time with Fluttershy: she wants to be a tree as well. :D

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All that's missing is the giant and the "male cameltoe".

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Definitely have to agree here, as something that is a major game changer (and had a lot of heart to it) is way better "milestone" (celebrating the show's fifth anniversary) than a 100th episode that's all about pandering to the fans.

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Some little kid after watching this video: "Mommy, what's an orgy?"

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One thing I'd love to see in Season 6: an episode where the CMC bond with a member of the Mane Six outside of their "sister" figure (and possibly someone of a different pony type).

Heck, I have a good story line for this to happen, although part of me is waiting to see what Fluttershy's brother is like to see which direction I want to go with it (as it does involve AJ, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity being captured, and the CMC needing to be involved in their rescue).

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It figures that this battle will be missing the REAL best new character of Season 5: Senior Huevos.

Anyways, I went with Marble Pie here.