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I find it interesting how it's only Dems who seem to want to flee to stop the democratic process. You don't like a bill, find a way to defeat it. You run away you're nothing but a coward. Period.

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Actually, no. It tells us there's something wrong with the system when the Democrat party can choose a Republican candidate.

It also tells us that there are a number of folks in this country who have no morals.

BTW. Heard a report that this was done FOR Romney earlier in NH.

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Didn't write a check did he? Hasn't stopped his company from fighting payment of their tax bill did he? The man farms the government like any other special interest.

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Actually, no. Most of his base is lower income folks. That's the heart of the Democrat base. The greenies are a very small portion of our populace. Not really enough to make an impact to a national election. Hell, if greenies were his base then his approval numbers wouldn't suck so bad, they love him.

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And gone to jail for it...

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LMK when he gets off his arse and starts impeachment proceedings against members of this administration and the Marxist himself.

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Honestly, I understand Cain not wanting to subject his family to the media. You can go after me all you want, you go after my wife, I'll drop you like a bad habit.

Kinda gives you more respect for Mr. Palin doesn't it? I'd have whooped wholesale a$$ had they done that to my wife.

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You can buy me one!

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Just another reason to do away with the Department of Eduction.

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That's the funny thing. Romney supporters can't really sell Romney so they run a "The other guy sucks worse." campaign. We have somebody who sucks as president now! We know how that works. Let's get someone who DOESN'T suck for a change.
Hell, my guy (Cain) dropped out. Maybe he did wrong, maybe he just cares about his family too much to run, who knows. I do know that Romney's tactics are not endearing to me. Don't tell me the other guy blows, tell me how you're going to fix this mess. And using the progressive talking points of "Rich paying their fair share or more" doesn't distinguish you from Obama. Makes it look even more like you're another progressive looking for power.