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Now beware Israel. This is the same tactic used by mohammedans against Serbia and it ended by Western liberals bombing their faithful allies from two world wars on behalf of terrorists. At this time, support for Israel in the West is very limited and not a single government has clearly taken your side and openly told the truth. And it is getting worse each day. That is horrifying.

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Well, it is not how justice works my friend. We don't have to "condemn" anyone, it should be proven in an independent and unbiased court that they are guilty. What you are asking for is essentially lynching people because you don't like them and you judge other people by how much they accept your worldview. Says a lot about your moral compass, doesn't it?

Watch carefully this Dutch documentary about Milosevic's trial:

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"Bosniaks" are in fact Serbs who were forced to convert to Islam during the Ottoman rule. And they know that. Even today there are families with the same last name one part of the family christian, another muslim. So, it is not strange at all that they were very secular. We never had women in burkhas in Sarajevo and other places. More than twenty years ago Sarajevo was a city of good music and great night life.

The problem is actually created by the west and its approach to the Bosnian crisis. They allowed Izetbegovic to import radicals from the east and now we have very strong influence from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan etc. Now you can actually see women in burkhas and wahabi idiots in the streets of Sarajevo and other Bosnian cities. Clinton allowed (and was aware of that!) Al Quaeda to create a stronghold in the Balkans and is personally responsible for all terrorist attacks in 2000's - 9/11, London and Madrid bombings etc. All of these were possible because of Clinton's wrong policy which enabled jihadis to organize in the heart of Europe. So, he should be put on trial instead of this man who fought against jihad. Oh, and let's not forget Tony Blair and others.

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Dan, obviously you don't understand politics and history. The USA, as any other country, does what is in their best interest at the moment and that can be very nasty at times. That's life, and it is not fair. You can just get used to it. Milosevic was too stupid to understand it and that's why Serbia screwed a chance in '90s.

On the other side we have principles upon which the US was built - freedom, equality, free market and a chance for all. These principles are the best in the history of the world. The USA is what founding fathers created - Jefferson, Washington, Franklin etc. And that can't be destroyed by a few idiots like Clinton, Albright and Joe Biden. If I - who barely survived the NATO bombing - can say that, then it carries some weight.

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- "I lived through that in a neighbouring country"

Oh, then you must know better than us who were in trenches fighting mujahideen.

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You're welcome. This is also very interesting:

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- "Until you accept this..."

I will never accept a lie even if you repeat it until the end of the world. Bosnian Muslims were deluded by their "president" to attack much stonger enemy, they lost the war and hence they lost more people. As there were more Germans and Japanese killed in WWII than Americans, including civilians in Berlin, Munich, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And I will never accept if someone tells me that "Nazis were largely victims and Americans were largely perpetrators" because it is not true. They suffered because of their own mistakes.

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- "Bosniaks were largely victims and Serbs largely perpetrators"

Oh yes. Let's apply the same reasoning to the American civil war:

“In 1861 Abraham Lincoln committed an aggression against the Confederate States of America. Over the course of the war, Lincoln’s thugs systematically seized Confederate territory in a genocidal quest for Greater America’. Lincoln’s war killed more than 600,000 people and left millions homeless. Lincoln, better known as the butcher of Gettysburg’, was not brought to justice for his crimes until he was slain by a Confederate loyalist named John Wilkes Booth in 1865.”

Huh! How does that sound?

Well, that's exactly how you sound...

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Oh, yes! Salman Rushdie was very important figure in the Balkans... :)

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It was a civil war and these are by definition very cruel, just read about horrors of the American civil war. All sides in the conflict commited gruesome war crimes and all criminals should be prosecuted. But the problem is that Serbs are pictured as only criminals and everyone else as "poor victims" which is completely wrong.

I recommend documentary "Yugoslavia - The Avoidable War" which gives very unbiased image about the war and what really happened: