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#7 Why would a Nintendo be wearing Sonic the Hedgehog's shoes and socks?

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Just a small correction: Wrestlemania VIII was in the Hoosier Dome in Indy, not Anaheim, CA.

Glad to see it on this list. A lot of people call it a dud, but it's one of my favorites. That Warrior/Hulk thing had my brother and I shrieking like girls (we were seven, shut up). Plus it had a very underrated segment with Ray "I hanged myself with a sheet in the closet of a mental institution" Combs telling bad jokes about the villains in an 8-man tag match.

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#13 I fear that what you heard is "give me a lot of hot dogs." What I said is "give me all of the hot dogs you have."

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#1 "Why don't you come down here and chum some of this shit."

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Eric, I gotta disagree with gusto on this one. The Undertaker is one of the last flickers of "the olden days" for fans. HHH has been around a long time now, granted, but not as long as Taker. 19-1? For the dead man? For the guy who would take somebody's finisher and then sit straight up? No way. He should be the only guy who finishes with a spotless record.

HHH isn't just the "son-in-law"; he's also a member of the clique. For a group that is notorious for burying guys and putting themselves above everyone else for the sake of self-promotion, The Undertaker should absolutely be above all of that. If anyone is untouchable, it's him. I couldn't believe they showed the restraint of letting Taker best HBK two years in a row, let alone following that up with him taking down The Game. To end that with HHH ending the streak would just confirm every bad thought I've ever had of this company. It would mean HHH saw all of this from the start, and used his friend (HBK) to set up his grand triumph of finally snapping the streak. Not only would he be spitting in 'Taker's face, but Micheal's as well.

You said it yourself; nobody gets a streak anymore. Cody Rhodes has been the Intercontinental Champ for a bit an we're all like "wow, old school!" Undertaker should ride off into the sunset with an unblemished record. He's earned it. Or should I say "urned" it. Haha.

No, but really what should've happened is Taker vs. HHH in a casket match. An epic battle ensues with Taker choke slamming The Game into the casket at the end, climbing in, doing that eyes rolling into the back of the head, tongue out move, and slamming the casket shut on top of them both. Paul Bearer slowly walks down to the casket, opens it, and reveals that they're both gone. All that remains in the casket is the urn. Paul Bearer picks it up and walks the f*ck out of the arena without so much as looking the fans in the face. Neither 'Taker or HHH are ever seen on WWE programming again.

The streak neither ends, nor continues. And in one epic moment, two legends are retired.

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#34 Directed by JJ Abrams.

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#16 And not a single person mentioned him that day.

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Lights cigarette; becomes homeless.

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Eric, I agree with all of these except the figure four. Respectfully, are you sure you're doing it correctly? My brother and I used to put each other in the figure four after watching Flair as kids. It is by far, with absolutely no exaggeration, the most excruciating pain I've ever been in.

Grab a buddy, let him throw the figure four on you for real, and tell him to slowly start to apply the pressure. I'm telling you, you'll tap almost instantly. If your friend is a bastard like my brother, he won't let up until you're screaming like a girl.

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#16 "So I told him the party is next Saturday. I'll just pretend I forgot to text him when I 'found out' it was this Satur...............he's standing right behind me isn't he?"