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Instead of listening they talk about messaging. IE the policy isn't wrong it is how it is being explained to ignorant public. They fail to realize that people these days do not want to be patronised by their politicians.

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There is a problem with a party when it doesn't understand the realities of the modern electorate and keep thinking it will come round to "right" thinking. Both the Conservative Party and the GOP (in the US) suffer from this arrogance of thought. It will be their undoing if they are not careful.

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The whole "green crap" thing was more about being "right-on" and "hip" than anything to do with actual sensible policy. They were trying to play to the Graniuad/BBC elitists rather than actual normal people.

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So some people are finding out they can't "have it all" despite what popular culture tells them. Who knew? Of course, the cynical would say at least one of the women being spoken saw the writing on the wall & would rather retire a winner rather than be punted out of the Parliament.

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Actually sadly it is the BBC that defines the centre ground and the Conservatives have let it happen. The whole consensus on a variety of issues (like green taxes) have stifled debate & allowed them to paint anyone disagreeing as "extremist".

It is just amazing that it has taken Cameron this long to understand people loath "green crap". Who besides the uber-trendy urban rich would not want 110 quid taken off their bill. And people are paying these taxes so enviroloons can ruin the countryside for little effect. Who in their right mind thinks it is a good idea to keep them besides twits like Zac?

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I find it highly entertaining to watch the "holier than thou" smug spin out of control into the cesspool of their own making. The Conservatives (and everyone else) should really do nothing, just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

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Actually I agree with Boles the UK would do well with a proper "liberal" party (ie classical liberal not socialism light). The L-Ds are not the slightest bit "liberal" and most of those who claim to be are anything but. Currently all the three parties are variations on social democratic beliefs.

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Howler "Howlett" gaffes are a pamphlet waiting happen.

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Amazon has become a boon however for writers. It was always very hard for writers with small publishers to get into book stores ( because their lack of space). Now Amazon has plenty of room for any & every book published. They also have things like allowing you to sell your used books (CD, DVDs erc) on Amazon.

Small bookshops (and bigger ones) snotty, arrogant and unhelpful attitude towards authors and small publishers have led to their demise. People like convenience and choice, Amazon gives that to them.

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Well they are successful (and no they aren't metal) and they are still filling venues all over the world.