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I am saddened and shocked. Andrew gave us these wonderful forums to try to take the sting out of our national nightmare- instill a little hope and some sanity. His family can be proud of what he accomplished, and for sure he will be missed.

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Give Sting some props, the man actually used fuddy-duddy in a song lyric - so clever. As a bassplayer, I wish I could kick him out of the club. The very essence of ennui, we sure need more insights from this tool.

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Great... just great. About time somebody said anything against these "patriots." We must put this in the top archive, along with the ManBearPig and Tom Cruise is in the closet episodes. Trey and Matt Rock!

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You're right. Lampley has always been crazy left. He looks like he could implode on Grandma at any moment, I rarely watch fights anymore and he's a big part of it... that and after seeing De La Hoya in panty hose.- something just isn't quite right anymore.

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What a fine looking couple they make? Local wags report that in order to take one for the team, they've agreed to tattoo reelection slogans on their significant dewlaps. Time to doubly double-down on the happy meals, since they need a lot of chin to promote fearless leader's weighty agenda.

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How about River Monsters? Who knew that the fish in a nearby river have full dentures and are targeting my feet. What's sad, I bet that if the Roman Empire had TV - all of this crap would be a hit.

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Al Gore.... Zombie Movie? Might be autobiographical.

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I was hooked from the beginning. The theme "woke up this morning and got yourself a gun..." was infectuos. David Chase's vision is brilliant, and Gandofini nailed Tony, but Nancy Marchand really nailed it as Tony's mother, the essence of a bitter, nasty magpie who tortured his soul. I do agree that the show lost it's edge in the latter years, but overall it was excellent and a good choice John.

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I didn't miss the first three seasons... than like all episodic TV, I lost the connection. When Janine Garafalo showed up, it appeared that casting took a month off. I just wasn't intersted anymore. Their arrogance was showing - and time to pull the plug.

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I don't know why, but I find Moonraker to be a guilty pleasure. The actors are terrible, between Lonsdale and Childes, the script -insipid and Moore muggs his way through scene after scene, the villians cartoonish and inane. But it takes you to S. California, Venice, Rio, the Amazon jungle and space - not a bad travelogue for a two hour run, and Ken Adam outdid himself with the designs, while M and Q continue to deride Bond for being Bond. I agree that is one of the weakest Bond flicks, but it is also great fun.