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This is just one more example of why GOOD desent peopel do not run for office.

Shame on the peopel behind this and ALL the other attacks on peopel just to make them spend all thier money to defend tier good name..

May God Bless us ALL

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NP probably can get the votes. lets face it even the blue dogs are afraid of her. She knows far too much and controls the money they need to reelection. in the end they will vote as she tells them to..we can only hope that she realizes the public is against this and wants to keep her own job enough to not vote it in

May God Bless us ALL

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I wish the senator wellin this but he alone can NOT do this. Others MUST step up and stand with him. We the people MUST stand up and suppport him and ALL others who will stand for the constitution.

If they cant stand for teh constitution they need to get out of dodge..

BHO is playing chicago politoics he is being a thug and it is being covered up by the sate run media.

May God save Us ALL

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I read this on drudge last night and thought I was going to have a stroke. I believe BHO knew EXACTLY what was going to happen and it is ALL a part of his plan to bring about change. Change HE can believe in. BUT we forget he has NO power without the congress allowing him to do things. we can NOT stop him but we CAN stop them. The GOP is STARTING to hear us and even a FEW blue dog dems. we may never have the dirty dozen (the mos liberal of them all) but we can convert the others to if not our way of thinking to at LEAST slowing down before they no longer have a JOB. Hmm wonder what Teddy will do if he has to stand in the unemployment line..


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BHO knew what he was doing.. he got Hillary out of the spot light be being in the senate. so she can no longer steal HIS spot light. She is nothing now because she has to say what he wants. I am NOT a fan of hers at all but I feel sorry for her to be sidelined. I thought when she was appointed hse would have a voice but i was wrong we need Condi back.. she was tough ...while I agree NK is like a toodler I dont hink it serves our country to the SS to say that out loud.

May God save Us ALL

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A series of bailouts, bank rescues and other economic lifelines could end up costing the federal government as much as $23 trillion, the U.S. government’s watchdog over the effort says – a staggering amount that is nearly double the nation’s entire economic output for a year.

Oh My Word. If I was a swearing girl I would swear..that amount is mind bogeling to me..

May God Save US all

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Hey man am I blonde. I was looking at via drudge.. ya know what they have NO section for comments.. wonder why?

May God save Us ALL

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They MUST push this before the break so that congress does not go home and have to hear from we the people that we do NOT want this. They do not listen when we call or fax they do not care what we think because to them we are idiot sheepeople who will follow ANYTHING they tell us.


may God Bless and Keep us ALL

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I am waiting for BHO to comment on this young man. say that he is in the nations prayers SOMETHING.. I realize we do not negotiate with the enemy but say something if for NOTHING else than for this young mans family...

I pray that God will keep him safe and return him home safely soon.

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Does anyone else find it diheartening that Hillary is off trying to get cap and tax ALL over teh world and yet Israel and Iran are about to irrupt into what is possibly WW3? Iraq is falling apart faster than we can say what the heck and Afganistain is a war we cant win as long as they grow poppy or whatever drugs they grow. we have a young man in the military that was taken captive and Hillary is worried about GLOBAL climate change???

SHAME on this administration and BHO for letting the world get to this point..

may God save Us ALL