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Thank you, Joel. A "quantum shift" is a great way to phrase what's needed. FYI Part 2 of this is now live on our homepage, and final part 3 will be out subsequently ...

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I'm curious, Dr. Shah, if you are actually anathema to any attempts to reign in IP theft, and unbalanced costs of drugs between the U.S. and the rest of the world. Obviously, with phrasing such as "trade regime unleashed by President Trump," " under pressure from the U.S., it is stripped of language," and the closer: "An industry that saves lives of people will unwittingly provide further fodder to those who wish to tarnish its image," you don't like the current U.S. position or president. Are you thus saying the U.S. should just let the status quo continue ... and that would be good for U.S. patients (and companies)? Again ... just curious about your further thinking here. Thank you.

Louis Garguilo
Chief Editor

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Thanks for reading, Ken, and the thoughtful "angle" on all us. A lot to consider on all sides of the M&A/consolidation discussion.

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As always, thank you, Rosemary, for your well-researched analysis on what is happening -- or may well happen -- between the U.S. and China.

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Thank you for being a part of Outsourced Pharma San Diego, David. And congratulations again on the formation of Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services.

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Thank you for your insight and sharing your experiences, Dr. Chocarro. Yes, time to place, if you will, the "quality credibility" and full reliability of global outsourcing squarely on the discussion table. Also, I'm very interested in the social anthropology and organizational culture research ... I will follow up with on that. Thank you again.

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Apologies for any "incoherence," and completely agreed: This subject requires more attention. That I will give it -- hopefully with increasing clarity. For now, more than making points, what is most important is the bio/pharma industry publicly answering this question:

Why do you outsource so much of our drug supply chain to China, where quality, IP, and national concerns abound?

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Thank you for your expert economic analysis, and further background/commentary/sources regarding this complicated societal and international market/business challenge. A lot to unpack, but I'll reply here to one of your direct questions, which I think is really the main kernel of the article: Viewing from the "freedom" lens, I'd say Americans have fought for fair and equitable trade since ... the revolutionary war.

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Great questions and comments, Alex. I particularly stayed away from focusing on price in this editorial ... but it has to be a main part of the global dialogue. And that, as you point out, includes consumers/patients here in the U.S., who are always demanding cheaper costing drugs. We've got a systemic challenge within a broken system ... not a good recipe currently.

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Thank you,Pavan. I have done articles with Indian executives in the past,and on India in general, as it relates to the CDMO/CMO network there. But you are right: I have not interviewed Indian Pharma (drug sponsors). Any suggestions or introductions you'd like to make? Feel free to email me at: Louis.Garguilo@LifeScienceConnect.com .