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Well, I guess they did exactly what they told everybody they weren't going to do: reboot Star Trek. What remains to be seen is if it will be worth it. This review isn't exactly encouraging.

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He's a bit of a technophobe. One of his big beefs was his fear of the transporter or "having my atoms scattered across the universe" as he put it. I was actually pleasantly surprised with Urban's portrayal. He channels the original actor, Deforest Kelly, quite well.

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Props to him for being old school. He's probably right in waiting to see Avatar before passing any final judgement. Right now we're just seeing 3D in kid's films and horror flicks. If they want it to be something that becomes mainstream it's going to need to garner mainstream success with a "normal" film. Sci fi seems to be the perfect choice for such a platform, so we'll see how Jim Cameron does.

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Probably true, but if it tanks they'll blame the leak on it.

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It's not exactly the first time this has happened.

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Agreed. If anything this is going to increase buzz for the flick. That being said, it's not exactly on the caliber of some of those other films.

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It was rumored that Nimoy had to finish some of Welles' dialog after he died, but everyone has said to date that Welles finished recording all his lines before he died.

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I was a split second away from buying this the other day and now I'm glad I didn't. The translated dialogue from the theater version is part of what makes the film for English-speaking audience members. And if the changes are as drastic as it appears to be in these screen captures, I won't be buying until they go back to the original subtitles.

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I feel a lot like I did when I watched the TNG and DS9 finales. Battlestar was a good friend to have over the last six years and I'm sorry to see it go, but I'm glad it was ended on the storytellers' terms and not a networks. I know there's a core group that appreciates the show, but I think before long it will be something of a cult classic that can earn a broader appeal.

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I'm gonna miss the Saturn logo.