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Oh! Snap! Looks like they've been removed from YouTube, and probably Kotoku as well, for copywright infringement! At least, they won't play at all for me.

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It's kind of hard to make pansy assed humans or foofy night elves look as bad assed as a hulking green orc. I don't know what you expect them to do, you're asking Blizzard to perform the impossible. If you wanted to look bad ass, why did you choose the cute side of the war? I mean, how can you even ask to make a GNOME look anything but adorable? You can dress them up all you want, but the alliance races are still Blizzards answer to Ewoks. It's crazy talk. I hope all you allies stay away from Old Republic, because you same schitzo fuckers will be complaining that your light side pansies don't look as cool as your sith counterparts. Really. Can you Alliance guys cry any more? You practically have the game handed to you right out the door and you still complain. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less, I mean, your side does pay two-thirds of the subscriptions... or rather, their parents do. ZING!

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I'd like to add Bioware to the list of trusted developers, though I think I may have some doubts now that they're an Electronic Arts bitch.

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I think you have to look at the complexity of the game, also. There are thousands of things to do in different ways in a game like Fallout 3 or Oblivion that make it virtually impossible to find all the bugs in a game without spending billions of testing. It's easy to complain about a glitch or bugs once the game is out and millions of people are playing it, each doing things slightly different. No amount of testing is going to equal the amount of playtime an actual release will. On top of that, these days you have the internet to consider. Once a triple-A title like Fallout 3 comes out, you can expect that any little problem will be posted somewhere on the internet, which makes people who didn't even experience the problem aware of it.

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Much to my surprise, after doing some research I found out that most browsers do not render the extra space between sentances, so in that case, I accept that I was wrong, I guess since the internet forces only one space, then fuck it, one space is fine. But PUT A FUCKING SPACE IN THERE! Thanks, Mom, for pointing out my own errors. Never said I was good, I do believe, in fact, that I claimed to suck at spelling. However, I would like to point out how much easier it is to read my comment that C_Y_P_H_E_Rs.

Oh, and fuck fuck shit shit ass ass. Sorry that makes you cry, but maybe your parents should monitor where you go on the internet better before you fall victim to a child predator or something.

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Usually there are two spaces after the period that ends a sentence, and a space after commas separating words in a list. I guess you knew that before all of us "terds*" too, you're just so fucking bad ass that you don't have to put use proper capitalization or spacing. I'm just saying, thanks for making my eyes bleed and setting a bad example of PS3 fans, ass. You turn in your homework looking like that, or do you reserve this level of typing douchebaggery for special occasions?

*Please note that TURD is spelled T U R D. I wasn't going to point that out originally because I am a horrible speller myself but really, how do you misspell turd?

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I'm sort of sad that Cookigaki is New Kirk and not Classic Kirk. Maybe you should go for Diet Kirk or Cherry Kirk or something. Oh, man. I'm fucking funny.

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I think some people missed something here on this one. I went into this expecting Akira, what I got was Pokemon, or maybe something even shittier than that. Yes, they are both japanimation, or anime, or whatever, but if you can't see the difference between the two of them... well, I'm sad for you and the taxpayers who are going to have to support you for the rest of your feeble-minded existence.

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Actually, I do suck. Quite a bit...

But not as much as Star Ocean.

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