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All DLC is worthless unless containing boobs.

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Flawless logic. Cookigaki make everything better and would not associate with shitty site. Cookigaki associate with Splosions therefore Splosions not shitty site. Cortana just upset that Cookigaki does not share boner with holographic poontang.

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What about claw machine? Cookigaki can't get enough claw machine.

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Cookigaki balls colliding with anything makes tons of noise. Cookigaki balls are huge. Cookigaki balls make noise when hitting open air. That is why Cookigaki must keep them protected under many layers of leather.

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Cookigaki does not pay bills. Energy company pay Cookigaki to not kill them.

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Krispy Demon very funny but Cookigaki is not any Kirks. Cookigaki is captain of USS Mywangishuge.

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Cookigaki look forward to all the great stuff that will be on site. Great site. It gives Cookigaki splosions of excitement in the pants and Cookigaki approves!

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Cookigaki does not understand what binkery just said. Cookigaki wishes to prevent further brain hurting by politely suggesting that binkery shut the fuck up.