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Well done A15y, you made a statement of your identity, and with great courage. I salute you!
This party and our nation needs youngsters like yourself to lead from the front and to show we will not be intimidated or beaten; you give me hope for our future. Spread the word.

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Boy am I glad I don't have a t.v.! I won't be watching his filthy speech anywhere else either. How could anyone sit through this treasonous crap and applaud at the end!? I'd have walked out in digust! These people are totally beneath contempt.
I pray to all the Gods that this vomit inducing traitor gets his come-uppance. Another donation to the British National Party will be on its way tomorrow.

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Nothing new about climate change Jonboy - it's been around longer than we have!
But we can stand a few degrees of warming if that were to happen; in fact it would be a benefit for crop growing. We cannot as easily deal with a colder climate which is where we seem to be heading given the last 10 years of temperature data.
We must have accurate and unbiased scientific interpretation of the data free of corporate and poitical influence. It is available but has been marginalised by vested interest groups. The man made global warming theory is totally unproven and there is no scientific evidence that CO2 is responsible. We need to turn our attention to the huge polluters in Asia and the Far East and bio fuel production, that are doing real and visible damage to our planet right now.

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A great article and so thought provoking. For me one either is a Nationalist or one is not; there is no choice in the matter as love of people and nation is or should be in our souls. One can refuse to recognise the fact, or even be ignorant of it, as I was for many years (patriotic - yes, I served my country, Nationalist - never!), but there is no choice involved.
I now find those who are not or claim not to be Nationalists, slightly strange.

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Wow, these idiots know how to get good people angry!!! :@

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Brilliant Bracknell!
The message is getting out there.B)

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'Hats off ' to our Party.
BNP leading the way, all the way!;)

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I only started to hold my head up high when I joined 2 years ago!

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On the case as ever, well done the BNP! We need to hold this useless goverment and their eu appointed lackees to account at every opportunity. As eu 'regionalisation' (aka centralisation ) becomes more prevelant all our public services will become even more inefficient and yet more corrupt.
Those bstrds need to feel us breathing down their guilty necks - we're coming! :@

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Scrap the state tv tax altogether!