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dembuster.....I don't know who thought it up, but the military families are NOT fooled by her. My guess is that Bobo knows that the Military Does Not like him or consider him their commander in chief, so this is MoMo's Agenda, to make the military like and vote for him. It is NOT going to work, IMO

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DaveY......they can say all that they want to that Bobo has high levels of popularity, but We The People KNOW better. They actually think that if they report it.....we are going to believe it. Good Luck on that one!

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question.......you are SCARED sh!tless, aren't you!!!!!!!! Better start bashing Glenn since that is all you know how to do. You'all (The Libs) aren't going to win this one! lol

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Hi everyone! Glenn Beck is having a Special on tonight at 5 p.m. It's called "We Surround them". Please go to Glenn Beck's website: glennbeck.com and it will give you locations near you where meetings are being held. Just about all of them are held in restaurants, etc. This should be really good! Please let me know what you'all think!

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salita_sal.......GOOD Post! You took the words right out of my mouth!!

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Raku.....we know that the very Best thing we can do is just SCROLL on by the trolls. I don't even read their stupid posts. They just want to stir up trouble and they ain't going to get any response from me. Let's just all I G N O R E them....IMO

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It is unbelievable to me that Gov. Brown is going to hold a News Conference about Anna Nicole Smith when his State is falling apart. Anna Nicole Smith is NOT important and certainly doesn't warrant a News Conference, IMO. I wish these people would concentrate on what is happening to our Country and not concentrate on "trivia". IMO

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RakuArtist, I too hated this format in the beginning, and I still don't "get it", but I missed it so much that I have tried to learn to live with it until Greta gets it fixed. Glad to see you, please try to put up with it. Always enjoy your posts so much!


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RakuArtist......so good to see you here. You are exactly correct about ACORN showing up at some of the banks and bullying them into giving loans to those who could NOT afford them. We need to get rid of ACORN Before the 2010 elections, otherwise, they are going to commit Voter Fraud to get "their" people elected. They won't stop at anything as we saw in the last election. It is appalling that the American people just sit by and let this group RUN the elections. It doesn't matter how or who we Vote for, if we don't get rid of ACORN, we won't win. IMO

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Fed UP........it sounds so simple to "vote them out". Ever heard of ACORN?? These people STOLE the election for Bobo and when it comes time for the senators and congressmen to be re-up for election, these people in ACORN are going to their states and stuff the ballots, etc. and OUR vote isn't going to count at all. People really need to "get a grip" on this and demand that our voting process is fool proof. That is the ONLY way that our votes are going to count. To me this is the Most Important issue of all. Surely a country like ours can have fool-proof voting. I am all for having "ink" put on the finger when you vote like they did in Iraq. If Iraq can do it, surely we can do it also. That Would be fool-proof. IMO