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President Obama and company have NOT been on TV today. At least as far as I know. Everytime he is on TV, the market drops.

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To John the emailer.....

That was one of McCain's campaign promises. He didn't get elected. It is not his place as senator to keep his presidential campaign promises.

Even Obama isn't doing that and he won.

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I am absolutely not arguing with you. I am agreeing with you wholeheartedly. I guess it was a lame attempt at being funny. I am embarrassed that he is my governor. I don't know how he can do two full time jobs at once (governor of Virginia and chairman of the DNC). I am also frustrated with him that he used stimulus money to balance our state budget instead of getting rid of wasteful spending.

I am with you 100%.

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What are you talking about?!!! That's my governor who thinks he can be governor of Virginia and chairman of the DNC all at the same time. He is so brilliant, he just balanced our budget with stimulus money.

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There absolutely has to be the correct/legal way to file taxes for everyone. If he owes about $10,000 in taxes, he was getting away with something by doing it the way he did it. Otherwise, it would have netted out.

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Didn't I hear that Geithner was going to speak today? Hold onto your hat! Yikes!

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I hadn't even thought about it being Hollywood people. What a HOOT? I'm with ya! Now I can't wait.

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I agree with your post, also. Why would these entertainers think that I want to hear their politics? Some of them are very talented, but I want to be entertained by them and not listen to their liberal views. Some of them make so much money they have lost touch with what the real working world is like.

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And you base your statement on what facts? You are here, aren't you?

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I disagree with the email. Sarah Palin has been a person of interest by much of America. As long as she is contributing as a governor and politician and the issues are relevant, go for it! I won't change the channel!