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If it's on a weekend i'll drag my ass out of the desert

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We would ride the lift bridge up then jump off. Walt was the guy who operated it and he could tell you all about the St Croix valley sasquatch.

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It was our drunken late night dump of choice back in the 80's because Perkins sucks. We used to jump into the St Croix off the crane across the tracks too. Damn, now I feel old :(

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Ya know, @_FloridaMan is on the twitter. He's a very busy man.

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I was in St Paul a few weeks ago and I didn't drink any of the water. Was drinking whiskey at Costello's, then The Liffy and ended up at the Half Time Rec, no water consumed.

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That nice Latina who sells tamales?

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With leather?

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I passed Yakov Smirnoff on the freeway on the way to work last week. I mentioned it to my co-workers and none of them knew who I was talking about. I told them in Soviet Russia Yakov Smirnoff passes YOU! I figure it had to be him though 'cause he had CA plates that said "Yakov" on a little Benz that was heading in the direction of Branson, so who else could it be?

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I'm not a layer but I used to live in Minnesota and I watched a lot of Perry Mason re-runs when I was a kid because there wasn't much else on TV. I believe this case is relevant. http://www.citmedialaw.org/threats/olson-v-brodko...
Brodkorb, damn he went on to great things.