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All 3 movies were dubbed by Netflix to put on their service, and apparently it's standard procedure for them to leave the songs in the native language (in this case, English) - for instance, the Korean and Arabic dubs of the movies (which I believe were also done by Netflix) also feature all the songs still in English.

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That 32 sure is... something.

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I love that number 8 so much, and the description on dA only makes it better.

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Poor bastard, died a blank flank. Well, if anypony can fix that, these three certainly can.

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It actually wasn't until the second time I watched the episode that I started tearing up - the first time I was sitting there in shock, giggling like a madman. (An extremely happy madman, mind you)
Also, I have the page of one of the FiM comics that I scanned in as the wallpaper to my iPad, that's it (though on my old laptop, I had a bunch of images that would change from one to another set as my background)

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In response to #4, I'm almost kind of hoping that means they'll play a major role in the season finale.

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I agree with that second paragraph wholeheartedly.

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How ironic; I actually felt it was better here than in Gravity Falls, and I think a lot of it has to do with the style of writing typical of the shows: up until that point, Gravity Falls had mostly been a parody sort of show, mocking those sorts of tropes and subverting them (a more irony based show), so to have a trope like that suddenly played straight, it came off as honestly kind of schmaltzy to me, whereas with FiM, it's been mostly playing it straight, unironically these past five seasons, so it felt more sweet and genuine to me (I also get the sense that Diamond Tiara has really started to figure out how to change herself for the better, while I don't get the same feeling from Pacifica, probably, again, because of the respective writing styles)
And as far as the whole spread out thing goes, I could definitely see that, although there was still a little too much of a disconnect for me - perhaps if it had been spread over 3 or 4 episodes I would've bought it more, but it felt a little too sudden still for me.
Who knows, maybe part of it is how this episode was a musical, so it seemed appropriate and believable that the pacing was a little rushed and a lot was crammed in.
Well, anyway, if nothing else, this helped me to put my main problem with Northwest Mansion Noir into words, so I'm happy about that, as that had bugged me ever since that episode aired.

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Based on those two marks being the same as the ones that appeared in the Squishy Pop toys and, before that, that chocolate popcorn recipe, I'd guess it would be an apple heart.

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Still crossing my fingers for a Celestia (or at least a two royal sisters) episode :D